The greatest love of all!!

By the time you read this article, the most important season of the Christian Calendar would have passed away in the time. It is my sincere wish that you had a blessed and enjoyable Easter Holiday.

What lessons have you taken away from the experiences as you marked this religious milestone? Whether, you attended station of the cross, Good Friday, Easter services or stayed at home and watched the various TV Evangelists on the subject of Jesus’ death upon the cross, it is necessary to repeat this truth that it is not how you observed Passion Week and the other aspects of the season, but rather the life lessons learned.

I will attempt to share with you what I take away from the observance of Easter each and every year as I relive the experience. For me, I see a caring loving Heavenly Father sending his only begotten son into the world to live, suffer and die for the redemption of his elect people. This sacrifice was rehearsed in part by Abraham with Isaac and became reality in Jesus.

In God’s demonstration of his love for his people, he established once and for all that is possible for his people who are called by his name to serve him in spirit and in truth and live an exemplary life. In short, be examples to the world. With his outstretched arms, he showed us a way, that in obedience to his will, his people, would through the examples of his son, live life abundantly. That you give love even when it hurts. Love is the answer. The lesson of Easter is all about LOVE.

I cannot understand how every year, Christians mourn the loss of their beloved Saviour and even deny themselves the luxuries of life in their observance. How many people fast, abstain from alcohol and sex, only in the end to take away nothing as they fall back to business as usual, grossly inconsistent with their professed faith. In all their actions, they demonstrate a lack of LOVE. A LOVE which God demonstrated through his Son as an example for us to follow. How can they be so stiffed necked with hardened hearts. Where is the LOVE?

It is important as we demonstrate our love for God that we reach out to our fellowmen. As a matter of fact Jesus challenges us as we seek to demonstrate a lack of our love for others – if we fail to love our brothers who we see and touch, how can we love God who we cannot see? That is very much the state of affairs in many of our own lives. How much time have we devoted to the service of others? How well have we shared our blessings with the less fortunate? Do we care enough about what is happening in our midst, before our very eyes? What we see is all about self. Leaders in industry and in civil society will make open statements that it is all about themselves, their wives and children, the rest of persons around mean nothing to them and in almost all the cases, those persons have to rely on others to ensure their success. Look around you and see how you can begin to help those persons who are near to you. Get them to share their fears and their aspirations with you. Many of them wish to be better persons, better employees but they are left alone to find creative ways of how to improve their performances. Leadership dictates differently, especially leadership which is based on LOVE.

God is watching us and like each of us, he expects results. He expects our responses to be in keeping with his expressed wishes and guidance for achieving abundant living for all. He did not specify abundant living for some of us, he made it an option for all his people.

Here is where you and I can single out those leaders that are of God and those who are of another master. By their fruits, you shall know them. There is an old saying that when the Day of Judgment shall arrive, there shall be many surprises, as man’s score sheet and God’s are wide apart. Firstly, we must single out Morality from Religion. God’s standard is written in his word and that’s the way it will be to eternity. God’s word needs no other interpretation. If you are interested in keeping in tune with the wishes of God get acquainted with his word as contained in the pages of the Holy Scriptures. Whether you are a Christian or even an agnostic, you could find a pathway to abundant living in the pages of the Holy Scriptures. Spend some quality time with God as your first step of recognizing that he caused his Son to suffer and die upon the tree of Calvary for your sins and mine and from this moment on you will honour with your time to serve him through an understanding of his word, thereby effectively reaching out to your fellowmen, regardless of race, colour or creed.

The simple but fundamental lesson that we can take away from the observance of Easter is that of LOVE. Love is the message. No greater LOVE hath any man, that GOD sent his son to die for us, while we were yet sinners. We should evermore rejoice in this act of LOVE and strive to be better followers of his divine principles.

Go ye therefore into the world and live a life of LOVE and Service to your fellowmen. Live large, live ABUNDANTLY! Remember always God is watching you.

Keep the Faith – God is in Charge!!!

Edward A. Harris
Freelance Journalist: Business & P. R. Consultant: Realtor:
President of the Guyana – St. Lucia Association

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