October 4, 2006

Edward Harris At Large


Technology is where it is at. If you are not on line, you are heading for the bread line. A business without a computer with access to the Internet is no business. It is said that a business without a sign a sign of no business. Of course there are always exceptions to the rule and many business persons are doing excellent without ever having to refer to the Internet. I remember some time ago talking with a successful businessman in the wholesale business and telling him about the need for an inventory control system in his business and he said to me, I don’t need to know if my staff is stealing because if I worry about who will steal I wouldn’t be in this business. He is in business up to this day but anyone knowing the value of controls in business will without hesitation agree that what ever his level of success, he could have achieved much more. Inventory control is not only about monitoring stocks to identify possible leakages but it can also be a source of information for sales trends.

From time to time I will introduce to you some offers that come my way and in recent weeks I have been bombarded with offers from my favourite group. Some are worth investigating while others are discarded. This is my site for sharing ideas and networking where when I joined the group, it was in the hundreds, today it boasts ten thousand plus members. They do share ideas. It is free to join. I am still getting calls from the friends I made on the MLM Cruise last year and I received this offer from that source. Your friends can make calls to anywhere in the world, computer to land lines for free and they don’t have to invest a dime. If they want to get involved in the business opportunity that is another matter. The company is satisfied to have everyone give away the free phones just to have their adverts widely distributed around the world. Unfortunately, this does not work in the Caribbean, except for your family and friends in the developed world reaching you. I believe your family and friends will love you for this one .

Here is another winner, if you travel a lot to the USA and other developed countries, you will love this as you can save a bundle. You can book your own airline ticket, hotel, car and even flowers on this site and again you do not have to invest a penny unless you wish to get involved where apart from the cheap fares, you will get a commission on persons you introduce that purchase tickets from you and receive a residual income from those you introduce to the business. My friend from introduced me to this one I have made some comparisons on his site that is tempting me to get involved so that when I wish to really be a tourist, I can join a FAM tour and really live the live at up to 70% discount on airfare and accommodation. Check it out and learn all the reasons why the company is able to offer such fantastic discounts.

Again, from another friend at here is an offer for being different in your emails and conference calls communication. You can send out your email with your photograph, sound clip and also do conferencing, all for a monthly fee. It is really a powerful communicating tool. Details at

It is unfortunate that we in this part of the world cannot participate in many of these offers, as the Caribbean is not opened up as yet or may never be as it is necessary for persons participating in the offers to have a USA address and Social Security and Tax ID numbers.

Sometimes I am really depressed at the fact that many opportunities for us to engage the world and in the process make a fortune pass us by. Can we find a response to being a part of the global networks which in most cases are launched in the USA and capture the rest of the developed world? In case of YTB, the owners were in China a week ago. They are already in South Africa and expanding rapidly into all the major nations of the world. Our response therefore if we are to be involved in the businesses of the future and travel has emerged as a leading business opportunity, we have to form alliances with our relatives and business associates in the USA and other developed countries offering cutting edge Internet related businesses. You really need to check this one out

I promised you my take on but I will deliver in the next issue.

Keep the Faith, God is in Charge!!!

Edward A. Harris

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