“In frenzied excitement he eats up the ground; he cannot stand still when the trumpet sounds.” – Job 39:24

In my last two columns, I reviewed the progress of our Nation over the last 60 years and looked at the opportunities for growing the economy. The prospective economic sectors for the future, sustainable development generally, access to potable water, internal transportation, health, empowerment of people, poverty reduction, sources of government revenue, external influences, a culture of excellence and national planning were all touched upon. I concluded that the Prospects for National Progress and Development in Barbados are good, so it just remains for us to do something constructive about it. Each and every one of us must play our part. Indeed, if each and every one of us exudes a culture of excellence, the collective impact of our individual contributions will redound to the benefit of the nation, a nation of excellence.

There is one caveat and that relates to the governance of a country. I believe that for optimal impact in national development a certain protocol of governance must be observed. This relates to the relative roles of the social partners. The role of the private sector is to “do business” and grow the economy. The role of government is to create an enabling environment in support of private sector growth activities. The role of the unions is to induce harmony between employer and employee in search of increased productivity for fair compensation. The role of civil society is to supplement the activity of the primary social partners. The role of the media is to be the communication bridge between the social partners and the people of the nation. An effective media gives power to the people; if the media is weak or ineffective, all hell may break loose.

Even though I am “chronologically retired” as manifested by eligibility for an “old age” pension, I am involved in many exciting experiences weekly which are extremely stimulating and undoubtedly contribute to my quest towards self-actualisation. According to David Leonhardt “Self actualisation is the act of doing what makes you feel fulfilled. This is not the same thing as personal growth or self improvement, both of which imply movement from a lower state to a higher state. Self-actualisation is the higher state”. In frenzied excitement I eat up the ground; I cannot stand still when the trumpet sounds.

My current exciting experiences include: CMEx, Hit for Six, CBET, The Future Centre, Agricultural Development, Renewable Energy, Low Waste Lifestyles à la Japanese and Institutional Strengthening.

CMEx www.caribbeanmediaexchange.com is an attempt to give power to the people. Its 5th anniversary was celebrated in St Lucia just over a week ago. It is led by Bevan Springer, produced by Counterpart International with sponsorship from the regional public, private and NGO sectors and the international development community. These words by Jerry Blenman capture the atmosphere which was CMEx IX: “Hi Bevan,

I wish to commend you and your team for hosting another very stimulating CMEX. Our host country, St Lucia, without question did a marvelous job at ensuring a very successful event as well as our comfort and safety. Kudos, in particular, to the management of Coco Resorts, Bay Gardens and Almond Morgan Bay and their staff for the excellence in service experienced at their resorts. It is very difficult to select any aspect as more stimulating than the other, given the quality of interaction, cohesiveness and love that was an obvious part of our 4 day meet… Keep the Light burning!” I might add that what was most gratifying was the quality and articulation of the youth delegates which gives me great confidence that the future of journalism is in good hands.

Bluewaters Productions full length (90 minutes) cricket themed feature film “Hit for Six” is now about three weeks into production in Barbados. Alison Saunders-Franklyn, the Managing Director of Bluewaters Productions Inc. and the film’s Script Writer, Executive Producer and Director, reported at a management team meeting last week that the shoot is going really well and much is expected in terms of high quality of output.

Of course, the input has been comprehensive and thorough in terms of: her education and global training for the production; her production of a high quality 13 minute film “Second Innings” in the UK, which is the “back story” to the feature; the quality of camera, editing suite and other equipment; the predominantly Caribbean cast with significant international experience; the appearance of Cricket Legends of Barbados in the film; the primarily Caribbean behind the camera staff with global training and experience.

A film distribution contract has been secured in India, the largest film market and concentration of cricket enthusiasts in the world. Negotiations are underway for distribution contracts in the Caribbean and the rest of the world. Sponsors have responded positively to attractive sponsorship packages. Some investment funding has been secured, some under negotiation but there is still the opportunity for others to invest. There is a prediction of a very attractive return over a three year period. Interested investors may contact jblenman@calidad.bb for detailed information. The crews will be setting off to film in Trinidad this week.

I shall continue in my next column. I cannot stand still when the trumpet sounds.

(Dr. Basil Springer GCM is Change-Engine Consultant, Caribbean Business Enterprise Trust Inc. – www.cbet-inc.org)

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  1. Martin Says:

    Hence a country’s emooncy could be growing but that doesn’t mean that it is developing, Trinidad and Tobago, Jamaica and others etc all have large and growing economies but they lag behind in all the other aspects, not to mention their high crime rate. Yes there are many other majority black countries that are doing well with high per capita incomes such as Guadeloupe at US21.000, Aruba-US23.000, Bermuda-US91.000, Curae7ao-US21.000 but most of them are overseas territories so they dont count

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