November 22, 2006



We have exhausted almost all established forms of businesses, especially in the retail sector. Today the call goes out to Non Traditional Services, services we never thought were exportable or even when we did export some of the services currently being identified, we were simply not aware of its impact on employment and contribution to the national economy. Now, all that is about to change with the National Coalition of Service Industries being established across the region.

During the 1980s, a number of countries developed a Coalition of Service Industries to ensure that the concerns of service firms were well represented in the Uruguay Round discussions. The earliest such organisation was the U.S. Coalition of Service Industries, comprised of major international firms such as American Express and Citibank. Visit the US Coalition of Service Industries website at www.uscsi.org

The Barbados Coalition of Service Industries, www.bsci.org.bb with substantial support from the Government is the trail blazer among Coalitions within the region while the St. Lucia Coalition of Service Industries after being in the making for almost two years is still in the making, yet to be fully launched. What type of organization is the Coalition of Service Industries and what is its role? The Coalition is expected to bring together organizations, not individuals and promote the interest of the various member organizations. Coalitions can also help to organize groups of service providers as is currently being done by the St. Lucia Coalition of Service Industries as they assist the National Association of Realtors St. Lucia Ltd to get back on track.

Each country is supposed to have a national Coalition which will represent the services sector, promote global relationships and to provide services in all professional and skilled areas such as Architecture, Engineering, Legal, Medical and Healthcare, Accounting, Banking, Nursing, Teaching, Real Estate, Computer Technology, Construction, Sports, etc., etc., etc.. Ensuring that the terms of engagement is fair and in keeping with international standards. Thus removing the possibility of overt exploitation. The Coalition will also undertake Trade Fairs to showcase the services available from the country.

As we discuss the issue of services, apart from the established/traditional areas, what is the next stop for our Entrepreneurs? Stepping back, the time has come for private training institutions, especially in the areas of teaching and nursing. Looking forward our future is the Internet. I am simply amazed at the number of business opportunities that come to my notice on a daily basis. It is said that 96% of Start Ups in Internet Marketing fail and it is recommended that individuals should join companies that are around for in excess of two years. But it is very clear to me that you need to be positioned at the pre-launch stage if you are to be a real winner. After all, Entrepreneurship is about risks and the big winners are the ones who are able to dare the odds to succeed. This week I came across an opportunity at the pre-launch stage and I parked in the parking lot just waiting for the fireworks to begin as the business is launched. In the meantime, I am having a great time learning more about the leaders and making friends across the world. Join me in the parking lot and await the doors to be opened. Visit www.allnetworker.com?edharas

How could we be successful at this game that is going through constant changes especially at the technology level? Last week I shared the idea of you being able to have a web site up and running for as low as US$39.95 and for US$69.95 you can get Flash Introduction. Visit www.uswebsitebuilder.com Visit the US Coalition of Service Industries website at www.uscsi.org

If you are not already acquainted with the internet, I recommended you do not waste a further minute, join my mailing list by sending me an email with Mailing List in the subject line and your name and contact numbers in the body to nofreemoney@gmail.com I will like to assure you that you will receive an email from me only once per week – every Monday morning and your information will never be shared. The progress of the developed world is achieved by the sharing of information and the coming together of groups of persons of like minds. What are we waiting???

As usual, Keep the Faith, God is in Charge – the Future belongs to Him!!!

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