January 9, 2007



Based on all the pronouncements to date and the ministerial appointments made in the areas of Commerce and Tourism, it is very clear that the Government is very conscious of the need for investments in our economy and to maintain the current momentum being experienced.

The wind is currently in the sail of the Government and the ship is cruising in the waters of investments. I am revisiting a document that I had the pleasure of preparing almost 10 years ago, and the conviction I had then remains the same today as when it was first written. I feel that simple steps in mobilizing global partnerships to promote St. Lucia as a Destination for Business and Pleasure can be taken with spectacular results.

It is in this regard that I once again ventilate a plan that will make it possible to achieve our most important economic goal – to attract Entrepreneurs and Investors:-

International Trade and Investment Representatives

1. The Persons: Male and Female.
2. Vocational Background: Business and Professional.
3. Qualifications:
a) Highly commended for contribution to society in general and to the immediate community in which the individuals operate.
b) Must be of integrity and would have established a track record of fair play in their relationships with others.
c) Must have a desire to promote St. Lucia as a destination worthy of consideration for Trade, Investment and Co-operation in the national development.
d) Must undertake at their own expense all necessary activities in keeping with the position of International Trade and Investment Representative.
e) Must be actively involved in Business/Community Associations.
f) Must be able to seek out opportunities to enhance the Goodwill of St. Lucia
4. Territories
Overseas Appointments
Representatives should be appointed in each of the 50 States of the USA and wherever the area to be covered necessitates more than one individual, the Coordinator of the Programme should be at liberty to make such appointments. This same approach should be for all major countries including, Japan, England, France, etc.

Local Appointments
Business Executives and Professionals who travel extensively on business, and confirm to the qualification criteria should be invited to participate and be appointed as International Trade & Investment Representative at Large.
5. Impact
(i) The direct benefit of such appointments will guarantee that St. Lucia is being promoted without cost to the Government in every major city of the World by hundreds of individuals.
(ii) As a direct result of the International Trade and Investment Representatives activities, Industry, Commerce, Tourism and NGOs will benefit substantially.
a. Industry
The promotion of St. Lucia as a destination offering Investors many benefits, including Tax Incentives will cause many enquiries to be directed to the National Development Corporation and improve the possibility of Joint Ventures between local and foreign Investors.

b. Commerce
Many Corporations, not currently doing business in St. Lucia will be invited to do so and opportunities for Regional Representation could be made available to St. Lucian Entrepreneurs.

c. Tourism
Increase in business and tourists arrivals and the opening up of opportunities for Incentive and Conference Tourism. The Representatives will work directly with business and social groups, including educational institutions and extend invitations to visit St. Lucia. eg: Spring Break, Annual Board Meetings, Conferences, etc..

d. NGOs
The base of NGOs could be expanded with new and innovative ones introduced to St. Lucia.

6. Incentives
(a) The Representatives should be given Citations/Appointment Letters. All Representatives should be exposed to an orientation programme designed for a duration of at least two days. All visits must be at the Representative’s expense.
(b) An Annual Recognition Ceremony should be staged in St. Lucia to recognize those Representatives who got results from their efforts as an encouragement for their involvement.

7. General
We live in an age of networking, lobbying and aggressive marketing. The more persons assisting, with a single purpose, i.e. to promote St. Lucia, we can be assured of a rewarding experience that will be beneficial in respect of Investments, Tourism Expansion and most importantly Jobs.

This document can be expanded upon but definitely shows a way forward if implemented properly. This is a very cost effective plan to promote St. Lucia and is well suited to be processed by the Internet.

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Keep the Faith, God is in Charge! Commit to make 2007, your best year ever!

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