Monday – March 5, 2007
His name is Rick Schwartz, known in some circles as the “Domain King.” In others, simply as the “Webfather.” Quote – “Coming from humble backgrounds and finally becoming a multi-millionaire, it’s almost like climbing a mountain – You get there and you realize the top is only the beginning.”
Next week this time the 9 participating States in the ICC CWC 2007 in the Caribbean and Guyana will be ablaze with excitement as visitors arrive from all cricket playing nations around the world. The cost of a ticket for the best spot in the house here in St. Lucia for the one day Semi Final Match on April 25, 2007 is US$749.00. That’s living it up. It takes Money to enjoy the finer things of life. MONEY MAGIC GROUP seeks to make that opportunity available to you through your involvement with the Promoter.

You may be doubting yourself at this juncture but I know we can do it. It is not going to happen by doing nothing with the bits of information you are receiving through this medium. You must step out by faith and take the first step. Join the Group! Click on this link http://groups.yahoo.com/group/edalharris If you do not have a Yahoo Account register for one so you can join the Group. It will be worth the effort. I am posting on the Group Site this evening my Miracle Formula – “The Power of Affirmation” so you can access it at will and share it with your friends.

This week I will like us to step back a while and see how much we can be doing on the web. Here is a list of a few of my active websites:

1. http://www.arcamax.com This is your Free Inspirational source. Login as new member and join. Then select Bible Verses in the categories drop down box. You will receive your daily Inspirational Verses.
2. http://www.taketheinternetback.com/index.php?refid=5869 Own an Internet Business for Free! Get the latest scoop on Internet Businesses and get paid for reading the advertisements and inviting friends to join.
3. http://www.agloco.com/r/BBBM1300 The biggest thing to happen on the Internet and you can own a piece of this business without investing a penny. Yes – it is FREE!!! You get paid to surf the Internet. I invite you to check the payment calculations and see for yourself what the potential earnings are. It’s an opportunity waiting to explore!
4. http://www.website.ws/caribstar You have always wanted a website of your own. Build it – I did! For only US$10.00 per month you can have your own in 24 hours or less. Check mine out at http://www.edwardharris.ws If you have an Entrepreneurial Spirit, you can introduce others and charge as low as US$100.00 for your service to build their sites.
5. http://www.bigdaddypays.com/edharas This is the BIG ONE! The Search Engine that will prove the point that an innovator given the right mind can empower many financially by his efforts. Troy Warren, founder of Search Big Daddy is about to do just that. Already all across the USA and other countries around the world including the Caribbean, almost 500 City Key Word Managers have subscribed for their territories and are getting ready to do battle as the territories open up. Next week’s Newsletter will be dedicated to sharing with you what Bid Daddy is all about and get a real look at the opportunity.
6. http://www.takebacktheinternet.com You may have received a number of letters as I have, inviting you to participate in a number of schemes which are pure Scams but many intelligent persons have fallen prey of those unscrupulous swindlers. You can get the facts on how they operate and how to avoid them. You may be able to save your family and friends from being swindled. This is powerful information for you.
7. http://www.eons.com For persons over 50, get a glimpse at the mortality guide and join the Blog. There must be something to share at 50 and over. Get in on the fun.
Have a blessed week, and I look forward to meeting you on the Beaches of the world!
Ed. Harris – It all begins with a Dream/Vision.


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