March 15, 2007


There was a time when I saw the stars rather than darkness when it was dark. People who read my articles refer to me as a perpetual optimist and some even asked me if I was writing about St. Lucia. I am convinced with every passing day that one of the greatest quotes is by Napoleon Hill, the Author of Think and Grow Rich, “whatever your mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve” It all begins with the mind. Think positively, think not about the negatives of today but the good fortunes of tomorrow and in that statement lies my faith in the principle of positive thinking.
We need to take positive steps everyday even when the environment in which we exist may indicate otherwise. Many wonderful things have happened in St. Lucia in recent years. Even with so many blessings which have brought with them opportunities, many in our midst continue to doubt themselves. Who would have imagined that the West Indies could have risen to the occasion to host Cricket World Cup 2007? It is a current reality and so far I have heard nothing to give me cause for concern. Our success brings home a very important point that where there is a will, there is a way. When our political leaders put their minds together to execute a project, it happens. I am obliged to share the words of the Chief Executive Officer of ICC CWC 2007, Chris Dehring, who said that it was an “unprecedented demonstration of unity and togetherness” that came together to forge a single powerful force to get the job done.
I am very pleased that permission has been given to reproduce the motivational gem hereunder and I further take the privilege of sharing with you a source for your daily motivation which I subscribed to for several months. Visit and register to receive a daily email that will enhance your ability to cope with the challenges of life.
Everything depends on the way you look at things.
View every problem you encounter as an opportunity.
There is always a good side to every situation.

The optimist sees an opportunity in every misfortune.
The pessimist sees misfortune in every opportunity.
The optimist sees the doughnut,
the pessimist sees the hole.

You can develop success from every failure.
Discouragement and failure are two stepping stones to success.
No other elements can do so much for you
if you’re willing to study them and make them work for you.

When it is dark enough, you can see the stars.
©2006 by Max Steingart
There are so many wonderful things happening in our midst. Just look around, give thanks and commit to greater things and as in the Jabez Prayer found in 1st Chronicles, Chapter 4, Verse 10, Jabez called on the Heavenly Father to bless him and enlarge his territory. St. Lucia is no longer in transition, it is in expansion mode. We must be motivated by what we see, and from our current base see the possibilities of an even brighter future. There are numerous developments taking place around us that should motivate us, but many times what we see and hear are totally different from the reality at hand.
CWC 2007 has given us faith in ourselves, we are now convinced that we can achieve what we set out to do and there are those in our midst who are committed to regional progress as any other group of people in the world. This is our moment to shine and I am confident that we will shine. What should be our next project? My priority would be the CSME Development Fund which is taking too long to be capitalized. Then there is the need to put mechanism in place for disbursing the funds so that we can get on with the task at hand – to make our industries and businesses competitive so that we can meet the global challenges in trade, industry and commerce head on.
Continue to enjoy CWC 2007 and remember that you read it in this column, “the best is yet to come!” I have a gift (The Power of Affirmation) for you at:
Keep the Faith, God is in Charge, and Expect Miracles in 2007!!!
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