March 22, 2007



Has Cricket World Cup 2007 delivered on the expectations of the business community? I guess it is early days yet and those who are optimistic will eagerly look forward to the semi final a month away. However, up to this point, many businesspersons are not optimistic about the outcome. The hotel sector has been voicing some concerns but again it is early days and patience could bring some comfort in the end.

I expect to be in a better position to assess the situation when members of SLISBA meet on Sunday, March 25, 2007 at 4.00pm at the Central Library at the corner of Bourbon and Micoud Streets, Castries and the Realtors Association on Wednesday, March 28, 2007 at 6.00pm at the Bay Gardens Conference, Rodney Bay. I will share some of their comments with you in next article. I am hoping that the feed back will be overwhelmingly positive as we have spent a lot of time planning for the CWC 2007 event and many persons are expecting a well deserved PAY DAY. Our expectations in this part of the world overlooked a significant aspect of the income generating strategy and that simply is that all of the previous Cricket World Cup events took place in one land mass. Because of that simple fact, there was something for everyone. It is very clear that Vieux Fort, Soufriere and the outlying districts will not benefit from this event. The restaurants and bars in those areas are likely to loose business as many of their patrons journey to the North to attend matches.

The post mortem on the performance of CWC 2007 should be interesting on the business side as well as the game. No West Indian will take it too serious as to die from a heart attack. That is just not our style. Cricket is a game in the Caribbean, it is a fun thing, but for many of the other nations, it is a war. It is all about supremacy at the game. Jamaica is a serious country, everyone is quite aware ‘them Jamaicans nah mek joke’. It is good that the West Indies were based in Jamaica so that they could have made good of their continuance in the game and advanced to the next round. I have a suspicion that a few of them bad boys whispered in the players ears after their humiliation in the warm up match, and they heard them. I will continue to look on at how they continue to perform in the next round. Are you ready to predict a win for the West Indies? That will be the real legacy!

In spite of all of the happenings around us, everyone is anxious to know when is Budget Day? It seems as though, like the call for a specific date to be legislated for calling Parliamentary Elections so it should be with the National Budget. Too many anxious moments are recorded in the lives of our people. Stress is a killer, even good stress could be overwhelmed and allow bad stress to dominate and hasten citizens to their graves. We are truly living up to the slogan – there is never a dull moment in the Caribbean!

The English Vice Cricket Captain couldn’t wait to party, he mixed business with pleasure, that’s how luring St. Lucia can be. He could be a great Ambassador to lead a crusade of fun loving English tourists to our island. It is Irresistible Fun in St. Lucia. Usually in my blogging, I promote St. Lucia as an ideal destination for Business and Pleasure and in recent months I added Retirement. It is a great combination.

This is a very difficult period for many of our brothers and sisters who normally give up on certain cravings during lent, alcohol being chief among them. I guess many of them gave up on the idea this year and promised faithfully to return to their commitment next year. I can understand that kind of behaviour because I know of someone who makes a deal with God for a weekend off. I will settle for the promise of abundant living, knowing that my Saviour paid the price so that I may be free. I guess many of you will say – Amen!

I had a very important story for this week on some breaking news that businesspersons need to know and take action but I decided to enjoy the fun with friends until this period where almost everyone is preoccupied with CWC 2007 is over.

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In the meantime, Keep the Faith, God is in Charge, Expect Miracles in 2007!

Edward Harris

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