May 24, 2007

Edward Harris At Large!


I had the pleasure of witnessing at first hand what Entrepreneurs can do to enhance the lives of citizens of any country that is investor friendly. St. Lucia has become home to Mr. Singh and he is destined to make a significant impact upon the economic and social well being of the nation.

Destiny Group of Companies selected St. Lucia this year as the destination to host their Incentive Programme which brought to the island in excess of 80 persons comprising of Executives of the Group, Independent Financial & Tax Planners, their spouses and children. They are guests at the Almond Morgan Bay Resort, Choc, Gros Islet for the period May 20 – 27, 2007 and apart from enjoying the beautiful beaches, playing golf and sight seeing tours, there was also a serious dimension to the programme when on Monday and Tuesday there was a two half day “Strategies for Success Conference” which exposed participants to information about the achievements of the Group of Companies and the outlining of new investment programmes for 2007/2008. The second day of the conference was addressed by Hon. Stephenson King, Acting Prime Minister and Minister of Health and Labour Relations and Mr. Nicholas John, Attorney at Law and Executive Chairman of the National Development Corporation. Their presentations afforded the visitors a level of comfort that will redound to substantial investments in Offshore International Business Corporations (IBCs) and real estate on the island.

Mr. Singh is well known in the Financial Services Business in Canada and heads a number of Companies that offer various financial programmes, and in recent years turned his attention to responding to disasters and healthcare needs, especially HIV and AIDS around the world. One of his companies, Universal Healthcare Trust under the leadership of young and dynamic Rahul Singh is making significant contributions around the world. Responses include our neighbouring Grenada during their recent disasters. The Destiny Group of Companies donated a 40ft Container Load of 40 beds to the Victoria Hospital and at the handing over ceremony on Wednesday, 23/5/07 which was witnessed by the Hon. Minister of Health and Labour Relations, members of the hospital management team and members of the visiting group of Executives and their families, Mr. David Singh responded to some of the acute needs of the institution and committed his Group of Companies to providing a further 100 electrical hospital beds, millions of dollars worth of medical equipment and supplies and a new building for a Cafeteria, equipped to provide Food & Beverage, a Gym and Lockers for the entire staff of the institution.

There are a number of important persons on the tour with Mr. Singh. However due to space I can only mention briefly about two persons. Mr. Joe Fontana, a former Minister of Labour in Canada and who is the trustee of a new initiative in collaboration with Mr. Singh called “One World Humanitarian Bank” where professionals will deposit their expertise and volunteer their services as the needs arise from time to time. Also accompanying Mr. Singh is Mr. Adrion Smith, an ex footballer who played with the Toronto Argonauts Football Team until his retirement. He is the Founder of R.A.R.E acronym for Responsibility, Attitude, Respect and Education. Special programmes are targeted to students 9 – 13 years in groups of 300. In collaboration with Mr. Singh, they did 100 such sessions in 2006. While in St. Lucia they are scheduled to do a few programmes in schools. If there is ever a time that there is a need for young people to dare to be RARE, it is now!

Apart from the humanitarian outreach programmes being promoted by Mr. Singh, he has his eyes on two important areas in the Financial Services sector, namely:- Offshore Banking and the Money Transfer businesses. The next few months could see the Group well established in these vital areas of financial services. His investment in real estate on the island sets the stage for a major tourism project in the Pigeon Island area and given the network of Investors, Tax and Financial Consultants on his team, putting together the financial requirement of the project should not be a problem. The Destiny Village project is already receiving attention from locals and visitors and in the months ahead the project will be unveiled.

I heard a statement from one of the Caribbean most successful Entrepreneur that “Every tourist that visits a country brings wealth to that country” with every passing day I am convinced of the value of that statement. Are we making use of their presence of the visitors in our country? You never get what you deserve, you only get what you negotiate for”. As we continue in this period of heightened investment in St. Lucia, maybe it is time for us to do three things:
1. Find a way of promoting Investment in St. Lucia in all Hotels across the country. Recruit Realtors and Consultants (no fee basis) to promote “Invest in St. Lucia” 1 hour Meetings.
2. Organise Business Tours that will highlight business opportunities in St. Lucia.
3. Establish an organization – DONATION ST. LUCIA to receive donations from Tourists who are looking for opportunities to share with the less fortunate. There are many people who want to donate but will only do so if they are requested to.

It has been a great week for St. Lucia and it is my wish that we will continue to be a preferred destination where there is something for all whether it is business, pleasure or retirement or a combination of interests.

Keep the Faith, God is in Charge, Expect Miracles in 2007!

Edward Harris
Email: eaharrisdestiny@gmail.com Websites: http://www.edwardharris.ws http://www.stluciasimplybeautiful.com http://www.stluciarealtors.com

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