June 12, 2007

Edward Harris At Large


This is your opportunity enjoy yourself while on the look out for business opportunities. I have taken the privilege several times to invite my readers to visit St. Lucia – Simply Beautiful. Those who did not take me up on my invitation have a very special incentive to do so now. I sincerely hope that you take advantage of what the Government and Entrepreneurs have put together for you this Summer.

Don’t miss the opportunity to visit St. Lucia, enjoy the beauty of the island and take the decision to own a piece of the rock. St. Lucian Entrepreneurs have been making head way in getting the Government to give concessions and be pro active in wooing visitors and investors to St. Lucia. Hoteliers and tour operators providing various services in the sector are doing their part to ensure that they are competitive and demand their fair share of visitors to the island.

This Summer, the St. Lucia Tourist Board will be launching its “St. Lucia Super Summer Savers” promotion plan, an incentive to all visitors, including returning Caribbean nationals, an opportunity to enjoy the beauty and splendor of St. Lucia while enjoying huge discounts. Many of the island’s hotels will be offering up to 40% Discount on accommodation and tour operators, restaurants, car rentals companies and other providers are offering up to 25% discount.

The Minister of Tourism and Civil Aviation, Senator, Hon. Allen Chastanet will be making his rounds with town hall meetings in the New York area promoting the SPECIAL DISCOUNTS which will be available to visitors until November 30, 2007. This should be a long hot Summer as visitors, especially St. Lucians and their Caricom neighbours at home and overseas cash in on the Special Deals and really enjoy St. Lucia. This promotion should do very well for St. Lucia by offering visitors an opportunity to see the island at affordable prices. This is a boost that the tourism sector has been waiting for.

Apart from the generous concessions in the tourism sector and the improved system in processing application for building construction works, there are several areas of business that are available to investors. Construction is booming but there is still a need for thousands of low and middle income homes to meet the demand by citizens. Based on the slow pace of providing housing for citizens, the time has come for overseas based Caricom Nationals and foreign investors especially those involved in residential property development to enter this area of investment. Land development by subdividing and providing infrastructure only (developed land for sale) is another area that has serious potentials. This is another opportunity within the real estate sector for investors to get involved through joint venture relations with existing land owners who by themselves due to the high cost of infrastructural development may never see the development of their property in their life time.

Many serious investments are made after a great holiday when the investors fall in love with a destination and take the decision to return to invest. Your visit to St. Lucia should be an opportunity to enjoy the many exciting, fun filled attractions and explore the possibility to own a piece of the rock. There is also the opportunity to bring new ideas and service industries to the island. It is interesting to note that there are still a number of pioneering ventures to be brought to the island. Come, take a look and see for yourself what the possibilities are in beautiful St. Lucia where there is never a dull moment and opportunities abound for you live the lifestyle you have always dreamed of.

Barbados is very much ahead of the OECS but getting into real estate is costly, the island does not have room for much more development if they are to take care of their food security. St. Lucia is the next big destination in the archipelago. Are you going to wait until it happens? You are reading this article for a reason. Investigate the several new property developments on the island and get in on the ground floor. Buy at pre construction and sell at completion if you are looking for an investment opportunity or cherish the lifestyle and keep the property for lifestyle enhancement, and share your weeks of occupancy with family and friends. Visit

There is a new development on 554 acres of land that is on the ground floor, now clearing the land and putting in the infrastructure on the East Coast. Check it out at There is another interesting website that is dedicated to offering villas, gated communities, and is currently promoting the first phase of a project with a 75 Apartment development overlooking an 18 hole Golf Course in the North of the island. Visit and check out Villas on the Green.

There is a local bank that will give up to 70% mortgage financing. Everything has come together in your favour. Even the US government has suspended passport restrictions on travel to the Caribbean and other destinations for the Summer months.

Come and join me in St. Lucia for the Summer, the Carnival Season June 3 – July 17, 2007 has already started, The tents are opened, the costume bands are getting ready. Get the vibes at What are you waiting for? This is an opportunity for you to mix business with pleasure! St. Lucia welcomes you!!!

Keep the Faith, God is in Charge, Expect Miracles in 2007!!!

Article produced by: Edward A. Harris, Realtor, Business & PR Consultant, Networker & Freelance Journalist. Email: Websites:

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