August 29, 2007

Edward Harris at Large!


Since last we met through this medium, Hurricane Dean passed through St. Lucia and left behind a lot of destruction to the agricultural sector. We were fortunate that there was only one person who lost his life trying to rescue a cow.

It is very evident that St. Lucia has saints whose prayers are heard. God is always good to the people of St. Lucia. After a disaster the country returns to normalcy in the shortest possible time. The Disaster Preparedness status in St. Lucia is second to none in the region. The hotel sector is open to business and Senator, Hon Allen Chastanet, Minister of Tourism and Civil Aviation has assured persons planning to visit of this.

In spite of the numerous scandals pointing to members of the government and references made to lack of leadership in government stressing the need for the appointment of a Prime Minister in place of Sir John Compton, business appears to be proceeding as usual. However, there are many who will like to differ and eagerly await the demise of the government.

While it is not clear as to what will be the outcome of the October Convention of the UWP, the Acting Prime Minister, Hon. Stephenson King is pressing ahead in streamlining the administration locally and abroad as was evidenced in his recent visit to overseas missions.

Investors are continuing to show interest in St. Lucia and Ministers of the Government seem to be upbeat. This activity of wooing investors to a country could be a long drawn out process but patience has paid off in many instances in the past. Officials in the Agency responsible for attracting investors to St. Lucia know full well that you can’t assume anything as the negotiator that sometimes is least thought able to conclude the negotiations and implement the project comes through.

It is amazing that in spite of the uncertainties that occupy the minds of most people, life goes on. There is so much partying on island that makes St. Lucia the fun capital of the region and rated among the top destinations of the world as in the case of St. Lucia Jazz.

In the aftermath of a hurricane, the vegetation is lush and there is a special beauty in the surroundings. Driving from Castries to Vieux Fort last Sunday in the company of one of my close friends, I couldn’t help saying to him – St. Lucia is really beautiful! I felt it from my heart. I wish that those persons who are privileged to be reading this article will make a decision to visit St. Lucia before the Summer Specials where hotels are discounting as much as 40% and other service companies including Restaurants are offering as much as 25% discounts. This is a very good time to visit St. Lucia and enjoy the island gift to the world that is St. Lucia.

Politics aside, St. Lucia is the type of place that gave rise to the Louis Armstrong song – What a wonderful world. The isles are mentioned in the Holy Book as special places. To all St. Lucians living aboard and do not have a stake in the land holdings o n this beautiful island, I encourage you to take advantage of owning a piece of the rock that is St. Lucia. It is a great place to live and a vacation property can enrich your lifestyle.

The politics of St. Lucia will always be pursued in a democratic manner regardless of the differences. The citizens of St. Lucia guard their democracy with a passion and no one wants to see St. Lucia lose its favoured position among investors and vacationers.

Keep the faith, God is in charge, Expect Miracles in 2007.

Edward A. Harris
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