November 8, 2007



You can call me a MLM Junkie, or outright crazy but I am placing my bet on the power of Network Marketing to change lives in the Caribbean. There is no other industry that regardless of your age, race, gender, religion, social connections, without education, money or special skills that affords anyone who dares to walk away from poverty, the opportunity to realize their dream of time and money freedom. All that is needed is your willingness to succeed.

There is no other industry that has given ordinary people the opportunity that Network Marketing has given them in the past seventy years. It can also be said that there is no other industry that has exploited poor people as network marketing. There have been many broken dreams. But the race is not for the swift but he that endures. The fundamental principles of the industry are solid. The uncontrollable variable is the leadership. Greed has caused many good programmes to get into disrepute. Some Fortune 500 Companies are distributing their products through the Network Marketing System. This is a positive sign.

Many persons in their current employment cannot earn an income if they are not on the job. This is not only true for the labouring class but also for many professionals. Network Marketing provides residual income, your earnings can even increase when you are ill or away on holidays. That is the power of duplication. With the use of the internet and VOIP telephone services, from the comfort of your home you can have a global business. Many people are making use of the social online groups to promote their businesses.

While we boast a lot about our computer competence in the Caribbean, we are yet to look into the area of MLM/Networking Internet Marketing. That is where the market can be local, regional and international depending on the appeal of your product or products. In recent times many fortunes were made in marketing online training, simply promoting reports, e-books and success stories of the so called experts. What is preventing our people from coming up with programmes that will be attractive to people all over the world? There is an urgent need for the marketers and IT professionals to get together and give some serious thought to making real money on the internet.

It is going to take a lot of research into what programmes are making money or not making money and why? I have some ideas and I know many people out there have ideas but how do we come together to implement them. It is not easy to get the technology people to sit down and look at areas of internet marketing. They are so busy. Have you tried getting an IT Professional to look at a problem on your computer lately?

My friend and webmaster who lives in Belgium always looks out for me. This week he sent me an article written by a real expert who has predicted that the Wellness Industry which is primarily promoted through the Networking Marketing System is the wave of the future. Here is a quote from the article: “The emerging industries of Wellness and Network Marketing are combining to create today’s and tomorrow’s NEW WEALTH” Paul Zane Pilzer. I will be pleased to share this article with you. Just request it.

The MLM industry has not been encouraged in this region. The impact of the wellness industry on the health of our people and its ability to generate employment has not been seriously considered. The imposition of duty and consumption tax on the products put the prices out of the reach of the labouring class. I have written on the issue of a waiver of customs levies on wellness products several times in the past. We have seen a number of products appear on the market and disappear after a short while. It is not that the products were not good, it is just that they were simply unaffordable. There can be no disagreement on the need for daily supplements. In today’s world it is an absolute necessity if we are to live healthy lives. This simple waiver can create a number of full and part time jobs.

Here is my selected quote of the week:

No one can cheat you out of ultimate success but you.

You must choose the thoughts and actions
that will lead you on to success.
You must set your own standards.

Nothing meaningful happens by itself.
It will all come your way, once you understand
that you have to make it come your way,
by your own efforts.

Only you can hold yourself back, or stand in your own way.
Only you can help yourself.

Not in time, place or circumstances,
but in you lies success.
Copyright 2007

It has been a while since I introduced to you an Internet Business/Network Marketing Business. If you are currently finding it difficult to make ends meet financially, this could be your opportunity.

Keep the Faith, God is in Charge, Dream Big, and Expect Miracles in 2007!
Edward Harris

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