December 19, 2007,



God is Great! It is Christmas time again. Let us give THANKS and spread JOY! This is the time of year when everyone strives to be happy. For many in our midst, it will be at the kindness of others. This is all about caring and sharing by those who have been blessed to have enough so that sharing becomes a joy.

The business community is busiest at this time. This is the only time of year when I am prepared to accept excuses from some businesspersons who must be on the spot to ensure that the business is done on their behalf rather than the self appointed share holders. There are other businesspersons who simply close shop and really enjoy their hard earned respite.

This is the most wonderful time of the year. I was fortunate to spend a few days in a small wooded community in Heath, Ohio, USA where the snow was spread across the ground and deer walking through the wooded area just a few feet away from the patio. It is an offense to kill deer without permission. They are protected. I would have preferred to stay indoors when it was snowing but I enjoyed the experience as I listened to the Christmas tunes like White Christmas and Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer as I braved the weather to experience shopping and the night life in the city of Columbus, Ohio.

While we are on the subject of music, there is an urgent need for a workshop for Disc Jockeys who play for the entertainment of patrons at public dances and private functions. I attended a staff party last Saturday evening and was simply disgusted at the attitude of the DJ. Several persons approached him to play a few tunes consistent with the season. However, this young man refused to oblige and those of us who made such requests gave up in frustration rather than persist and spoil what a good party, except for the music.

The Christmas season is one time of year when all contending musical tastes can be satisfied. The country and western fans have a lot of artistes to depend on so even though I am not a fan of C & W, I would enjoy being at a C & W fete at this time. This is, if the DJ appreciates the mood of the season. DJs and mini bus drivers are in contention to be more hostile to their patrons. Tell a mini bus driver to slow down and he will drive faster. Tell a DJ to play a certain selection, even if he has it, he is very likely to ignore you. I hope that in the New Year, the Cultural Development Foundation will mount a series of training workshops to ensure that the level of DJ services improves. There will always be exceptions but this observation is intended to address what is considered normal behaviour by those who are supposed to provide services that touch the very core of their patrons’ emotions.

While shopping for gifts for family and friends, it is a good time for me to impress upon you the value of a BIBLE and a COMPUTER in the home. I feel that the gift voucher idea is a great way to ensure that the people you care about get the things they truly need. Persons getting married have come to the realization that monetary gifts or gift vouchers would be the best way to get the items that are truly needed. It might be a good idea for Banks to offer Gift Vouchers so that vouchers can be converted for cash and do some special things with the cash such as paying for tuition in computer programmes, etc.

In spite of those who are always like the blind giant, always crying out for help when none is needed, only not to be taken serious when he really needs the help. Some people are stuck on the thing bad tune and will never take the necessary action to change their fortune. The poor will always be with us because there are those among us who will never change their tune. I have some great ideas to share with you next week when I unveil my Money Making Programmes for 2008 and exhort you to take action. To those among us you take the time to reflect on their lives given the journey that has brought them thus far and take a decision to change the course to one that leads to prosperity, live will never be the same again. Begin to plan your resolutions now!

You have heard the term Multiple Sources of Income, this is the time for exploring the opportunities that will increase your earnings so that you can cope with the rising cost of living. I always refer in my articles to the dominance of the politicians on the lives of the masses who have come to depend on them for everything and blame them for all the negative things that happen, even those things they should be doing for themselves. God helps those who help themselves and so do politicians. Politicians are facilitators and that is the reason why the most outstanding politicians are those who take the time to listen and evaluate, and take remedial action when necessary.

Here is my selected quote of the week:


You always have enough time, if you will but use it wisely.

Your dilemma goes deeper than having a shortage of time,
it’s basically a problem of priorities.

Most people leave undone those things that should be done,
while they do things that they shouldn’t be doing.

Set priorities for your goals.
A major part of successful living lies in your ability to put first things first.
Most major goals are not achieved because people put second things first.

Is what you’re doing getting you closer to your objectives?
Anything that is wasted effort represents wasted time.

Don’t serve time, make time serve you.
Copyright 2007

To the very busy businesspersons at this time of year, I wish you the best Christmas ever and may your cash registers ring into the New Year.

God is Great! I have not changed my religion. As always, Keep the Faith, God is in Charge, Dream Big and Expect Miracles! I hope that many of my readers will take the time to reflect on my closing statement and experience joy and peace in everything they say and do. Amen!

Edward Harris

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