January 31, 2008




I have made this point on several occasions in my column that Governments around the region can make a serious dent in the unemployment situation in their countries if Multi Level Marketing / Network Marketing is encouraged. In St. Lucia like all the other countries in the region our people need to be motivated. The expansion of the MLM Industry is one approach to motivating people to be the best they can. The MLM business thrives on Motivation for Action.

MLM is the only business that is available to anyone who has a burning desire to acquire financial and time freedom, regardless of age, experience, education, financial resources, social or business connections, religion or race. It is the only business that can turn dreams into reality and provide its participants with the ability to do whatever they want, whenever they wish, without worrying about the cost or availability of time. This is the dream of most of us. Today, around the world, many persons are living their dream.

MLM is based on specialized training which is targeted towards teaching persons to open doors and secure business. The principles taught in the training programmes provide very important values to latch unto in life. Everyone needs to be a sales person as we compete for jobs, promotions or even social interactions. The art of effective communication is at the core of MLM training.

As the MLM business sweeps across the nation, training will be available to all persons who enroll in the various programmes. The Barbadians have been introducing MLM programmes to St. Lucians for as long as I can remember. The last Amway presentation I attended, it was the Barbadians who were the region’s leaders. Amway is now Quixtar and those persons who have been involved over the years have become believers and many continue to do well and enjoy incentives such as cruises, subsidized conference attendance. I must hasten to add that MLM is not only about selling products, like Vitamins, Cosmetics, Dish Washing Liquids, Tooth Paste, etc. Some MLM Companies offer service/training programmes that are marketed electronically.

Action on the part of the Government is urgently needed to apply a Waiver of Customs Levy on selected MLM products, especially in the Wellness Category at least for one year initially. Thereafter, the programme can be assessed for its contribution to the nation in terms of employment generation and health care. There is no way that the MLM business can thrive in St. Lucia or anywhere else in the region with the level of Custom Levies currently applied. A Customs Broker informed me that the current Customs Levies on Nutritional Products are: Duty – 35% on cost of product plus freight, Consumption Tax – 15%, Customs Service Charge 5%. This level of Customs Charges negatively affects the selling prices of MLM products. The failure of many companies to survive in the market is due this single factor. As a result our people are denied access to the products. In many instances they were experiencing relief from their illnesses but the products are no longer available on the market.

It is well known that some of the most effective products to be introduced to consumers in recent years have been done through the MLM Industry. The MLM Industry is such an effective means of distributing products that the telecommunication, insurance and other industries are using this method of reaching potential customers. It is primary a system that is promoted by word of mouth introduction and direct selling contact.

The current economic realities will bring on and in some cases aggravate the health problems of many as they grapple to sustain a reasonable level of business and family commitments. STRESS is going to be the number one health problem in St. Lucia and will trigger Diabetes and Hypertension which already have their toll on our citizens. What can be done to help stave off as much as possible the STRESS condition and likely associated health problems? To help deal with the potential health problems, action in addressing the negative impact of Customs Levies on Wellness Products is urgently needed.

The solution to the high cost of doing business and living is to increase income. There is the need for businesspersons to find ways of identifying and engaging in Multiple Sources of Income and those who are employed, a second and third source of income. MLM offers the opportunity for many to find their own source of employment and be self employed.

In my capacity as Chairman of the Steering Committee of the Realtors’ Association, I had the privilege of being involved with a 3 Day Beginner’s Course for Real Estate Agents and persons with an interest in the real estate industry. It was a success and now we are planning a programme for persons in the South and West Corridor of the island. This Course was developed to educate and inform persons involved in the Real Estate Industry and to attract new entrants.

Many businesspersons whose businesses rely upon their presence in their businesses will suffer greatly if they fall ill for an extended period. Residual income should be a priority of today’s Entrepreneur.

I am extending to you an invitation to attend a Business Opportunity Meeting on Saturday, February 2, 2008 at the Bay Gardens Conference Room, Rodney Bay at 6.00pm. The opportunity was introduced to me a few days ago. It is being supported by a group of Entrepreneurs who have been in search of an opportunity that will provide them with a source of additional income with residual impact. I am attracted to the programme because of the Founders’ experiences and the strategy they have implemented to position the company as a global MLM leader. The compensation package is very attractive and the incentives are fantastic which include BMWs. The local promoters are very excited about the programme and have developed a strategy for utilizing their CSM privilege to access other Caricom States beginning with Trinidad & Tobago. They are also discussing with their up-line their involvement in coop advertising to reach the Global Market. I further understand this is a ground floor opportunity as the company seeks to expand throughout the Caribbean region.

I will like to encourage you to attend the public session. It is Free and you are in no way obligated to participate. I am also informed that persons from neighbouring States will participate in the meeting.

Here is my selected motivational quote of the week:
When you think ahead of any approaching action you’ll always have the advantage. You’ll be the winner.
Keeping a little ahead of conditions is one of the secrets of business.
The time to repair your roof is when the sun is shining.
Try to do things before they need to be done.
Let your advance worrying become advance thinking and planning.
Position yourself ahead of time in the best place for you.
When you do what is necessary, all the odds are in your favor.
Do the next thing.
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