May 8, 2008



To our visitors I say welcome to St. Lucia! Do take some time off to look at the investment opportunities. St. Lucia is an outstanding destination whether you are seeking to do business, holiday or retire. There is never a dull moment in St. Lucia and you are at liberty to mix business with pleasure. St. Lucia – Simply Beautiful is great place to be!
The week of Jazz so far has received mixed reviews. The weekend activities will seal the deal as to the real success of St. Lucia Jazz 2008. I hope the weather holds. Due to deadline constraints, I cannot report on the Friday evening’s event when the nation and all those who are visiting our beautiful island for the events will be given an opportunity to enjoy the music of Michael Bolton and Air Supply. Many will be breathless and for some it will be a visit to a world of ESTACY.

St. Lucians are special when it comes to enjoying themselves. Many will claim the privilege of enjoying Heaven on Earth in simply beautiful St. Lucia. Those of us who read the Bible are well aware of the special virtues of the islands. However, it must be of concern to the citizens of St. Lucia about developments at the political level. Based on the news on television, the talk show hosts and various interviews, it seems as though an end is in sight to the recent problems in the governing party.

After eighteen months in Government, it is time that the dust settles and the nation proceeds in harmony to meet the challenges of high cost of living and doing business. It is very clear that in an environment of uncertainty and anxiety, it cannot be business as usual. There is lot to be done and all hands need to be on deck.

It is time to move forward. The budget has created a level of expectation that needs urgent implementation of the several projects. The efforts of those who seek to ensure progress should not be frustrated. The private sector must be given the opportunity to expand in an environment that is consistent with policies and actions that will facilitate such expansion. The level of investors’ interest is at its highest and the opportunity should not be squandered.
I continue to be concerned about the future direction for innovation and technology in our country. The world is not waiting on us. Something should be done as a matter of urgency to ensure that cutting edge industries of the world are being encouraged in St. Lucia. There is need to place Innovation and Technology on the front burner with the creation of a dedicated Ministry or a Secretariat to advance research and seek early implementation of projects with a global reach.

There was an idea when the Taxation System in the region was being reviewed – that government will invest 20% of its revenue in the business sector. We don’t have to wait on that project to be implemented, it is worthy of consideration and early implementation, even at a 10% level was be welcomed.

There is also a proposal for governments to support the work of private sector associations with a tax on imports. This was first recommended by Mr. Michael Astaphan of Dominica, now a politician. I will like to add reputable NGOs. The time has come for governments of the region to invest in private sector organizations in an effort to sustain their contribution to productive sectors, especially micro, small and medium businesses (MSME). This grouping is the real engine of growth in the economy.

In an effort to advance the work of private sector associations, the government needs to follow up on its budget pronouncement that it will forge a new relationship with the private sector with a meeting with the Private Sector Council of St. Lucia, preferable with all members of the Board of Directors of participating Associations.

Here is my selected motivational quote of the week:
You must be ready when opportunity comes before you.
Luck is the time when your preparation and opportunity meet.
There is a tide in your affairs, which, when taken at the flood,
will lead you on to fortune and success.

By the law of periodical repetition,
everything which has happened once must happen again
and again and again, not capriciously, but at regular periods,
and each thing in it’s own period, and each obeying its own law.

As events tend to repeat themselves,
the tide of opportunity will come to you.
Be prepared and your chance for success is sure to come.
Look around you. Seize an opportunity to change your life.

You can change chance into good fortune if you are ready.
The only sure thing about your luck is that it will change.
Copyright 2008
Continue to enjoy what is left of St. Lucia Jazz 2008.
Keep the Faith, God is in Charge, Dream Big and Expect Miracles all the time!!!

Edward Harris
Biblicist, Freelance Journalist, Author, Business & PR Consultant, Realtor, Sales & Marketing Specialist, Networker, Private Sector Advocate, Motivational Speaker

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