MAY 22, 2008



The citizens of St. Lucia are experiencing a situation that is untenable at this juncture of our history. The crisis at the international level with escalating oil prices which affect every aspect of cost of doing business and living is the greatest challenge. Amidst the challenges of economic survival, the politics of the nation is at its lowest point where the Government is embattled with major issues of governance as Parliamentarians seek to sort out their differences. In the meantime, it cannot be business as usual with government or business.

The situation is at a critical point where civil society has turned its attention to assist in finding a solution to the impasse. This situation cannot be allowed to continue and resolution should be achieved in the shortest possible time. Some persons believe that the positions taken by Parliamentarians cannot be reconciled and are calling for fresh elections.

There is a call to involve the private sector associations especially the Chamber and SLISBA which so far has been silent. This situation can change in the next few days if the politicians fail to resolve the state of affairs in the country. In the meantime, members of the security forces are battling it out with the acting Commissioner of Police, calling for his resignation and citing discrimination over the transfers of their association’s leadership. This is a serious development which can create an environment where the criminals can take the liberty to further aggravate the situation with crimes against citizens. Already house breaking is on the increase.

It has become necessary for every possible avenue for resolving all matters of governance in our country to be explored without any further delay. The fragile tourism industry is under threat as shortages of essential supplies and reports of the present crisis in government spreads across the internet. St. Lucians can and must do better. The call to action for government to return to normalcy is urgent.

There will always be the two obvious sides of the coin that will be considered forgetting the third side of the coin. In the current state of affairs affecting the nation, the third part is the interest of the people. The question is – Is the current state of the country beneficial to all concerned? It is time for RESOLUTION.

The Civil Service Association and CAFRA are currently mobilizing civil society to help find a solution to the present situation. Politicians and their leadership have tried, it is time to involve civil society in the process. There is no doubt that in the end, the country will suffer a substantial set back as the energies which are currently needed to respond to the economic challenges are now diverted to the struggle among parliamentarians in the ruling party. The several projects alluded to in the recent Budget need to be put back on the front burner. The failure to resolve the situation in the country will add to the economic decline with every passing day.

The business sector under existing pressure, trying to grapple with rising cost and competition from outside sources needs a positive environment if they are to survive, A stable government will go a long way in assisting companies to survive and sustain much needed jobs.

Hereunder is my selected motivational quote for the week.

The more you try, the greater your chance of succeeding.
The law of averages is on your side.

Taking a risk is often your first necessary step toward success.
If you don’t take some risks, you won’t get the chance to succeed.
While you are trying, you are winning.

Never get discouraged.

Every wrong attempt is another step forward.
People that make no mistakes usually don’t make anything.

Make up your mind not merely to overcome a thousand obstacles,
but to win in spite of a thousand defeats.
Your mistakes are stepping stones
to success and your installment payments to victory.

You can’t be a winner and be afraid to lose.
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Keep the Faith, God is in Charge, Dream Big and Expect Miracles all the time!!!
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