May 28, 2008



It has been three weeks of turmoil in the Government of Prime Minister, Honourable Stephenson King. The main subject of the impasse was the removal of Senator Ausbert d’Auvergne who members on the Government’s side in Parliament believed wielded too much power. However, there are mixed signals coming from the people as many believe Senator Douvergne is the man best suited to head the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Economic Planning, Investment & National Development. The call for his removal was also echoed by members of the party in opposition.

Senator Ausbert d’ Auvergne finally tendered his resignation which takes effect May 31, 2008. This development cleared the way for Parliamentarians, Rufus Bousquet and Marcus Nicholas who had formally withdrew their support for Prime Minister to reverse their decision.

The Honourable Prime Minister addressed the nation on Tuesday evening 27/5/08 and informed the citizens about the developments in recent days and in going forward a new and reduced Cabinet will be announced shortly. No later than June 1, 2008. He noted that citizens have been patient with his Government and he intends to make up for lost time.

All representative associations of civil society expressed concern over the impasse in Government and called upon Prime Minister, Hon. Stephenson King to resolve the matter at the earliest. Relief finally came and the nation anxiously awaits the announcement of the new cabinet. A letter to the Prime Minister which appeared in the media highlighted the state of the economic and social problems of the nation. The St. Lucia Industrial and Small Business Association (SLISBA) detailed the problems facing the nation as a result of the state of affairs in the country in relation to governance. Extracts of the letter are detailed hereunder:
***“Our members have demanded that we as their representative do write to inform you of the hurt to that sector as follows:
1. Lack of business activity
2. Uncertainty with the security of the nation resulting in increased criminal activity.
3. The laying off of workers due to the down turn in activity in the sector.
4. Scarcity of Commodities
5. Escalating costs of doing business.
6. Reduce productivity due to the instability of the government.
7. Reduction in available finance to businesses.

The above are not exhaustive but are indicative of the seriousness of the situation.
We in the Small Business Sector, whilst sympathetic and understanding of the myriad of problems are at pains to understand why this situation has been allowed to deteriorate to this extent. The unfortunate and most difficult part of which is the lack of information reaching the public and the seemingly indecisions of your administration to date.”***

It continues to be a very difficult period for the Prime Minister but it seems that the people are uninterested in going back to the polls at this time and are still prepared to give the Government an opportunity to make good on its mandate.

In the meantime, the sun continues to rise everyday and the citizens of the beautiful island Paradise – Saint Lucia are doing their best to keep hope alive. It is definite that the way the business of politics and governance are played out in St. Lucia will have to change. The period ahead will define the next steps whenever it is time for the people to prepare for elections. It is clear that if there was ever an opportunity for a serious third party, it is now.

We can only pray that the outstanding issues being resolved, the activities of the nation will return to normalcy.
Keep the Faith, God is in Charge, Dream Big and Expect Miracles all the time!!!
Edward Harris
Biblicist, Freelance Journalist, Author, Business & PR Consultant, Realtor, Sales & Marketing Specialist, Networker, Private Sector Advocate, Motivational Speaker

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