July 16, 2008



Saint Lucia is not an isolated backward country. Very soon there will be calls for Saint Lucia to leave its comfort zone of being less developed into developing country status, finding itself in the same position as Barbados where there were calls to step up a notch to a developed country.

The island State of Saint Lucia now presents itself as a destination that offers lifestyle options and is uniquely positioned to attract direct foreign investments while expanding its tourism products.

In keeping with St. Lucia progressive stand, the Governments have been challenged in recent times to be creative in their approaches to attracting investors especially in the area of utilities. It was electricity, then telecommunications, now it is Water. Unlike electricity and telecommunications – Water is life and civil society is bent on ensuring that the people as the real stakeholders have a say this time around.

In spite of the heightened Carnival mood, there is still time for serious issues to be ventilated. This was demonstrated by the Civil Society Network headed by Ms. Flavia Cherry when her grouping defied competition from Carnival on the Square last Tuesday evening as they hosted a public meeting on the Castries market steps to discuss the Water Privatisation issue. All the speakers expressed the view that Water should not be privatised. No one should argue against involving the people in such a debate. It appears as though the meetings that were held between the Honourable Minister and members of various organisations have not achieved the desired effect and the time has come for a national debate where all three sides of the story could be heard and examined. It is interesting to note that when all competing ideas are exposed under one roof the results could be very different.

It is necessary at this juncture of our development to lessen the reasons for conflict and focus our energies on doing what is best for all. Our leaders at all levels must be guided by the truth and take actions that are fair and beneficial to the persons they gave a commitment to serve. This will ensure goodwill and improve relations.

It is Carnival time in St. Lucia and there is no stopping the residents of this island paradise from presenting one of the best Carnivals ever. We hear about bands being oversubscribed and witness the excitement as we approach the final days of Carnival 2KGreat.

Carnival is never without its problems as organizers and artistes are always locking horns on one issue or the other. If it is not the judging, it’s the fees. In many instances we should not be having the problems that currently surface after all these years in the business of Carnival.

The high cost of living and other problems which challenge the daily existence of citizens is put on the back burner as Carnival 2KGreat takes centre stage. It is time to cast your cares and troubles away and jump and wine to tantalizing beats!

Micro, Small and Medium sized businesses should be doing great during this period. Tourist arrivals are expected to be high as revelers from the region and beyond visit our shores.

There is never a dull moment in Sweet Helen of the West. St. Lucia NICE!!!! It is the spirit of celebration that keeps hope alive.

Here is my selected quote of the week:

Truth isn’t a matter of your personal viewpoint.
Learn to see things as they really are, not as you imagine they are.
Wrong is wrong, no matter who does it or who says it.
No matter what you believe, it never changes the facts.
If they are there, the facts always speak for themselves.
The truth does not change because it is, or is not,
believed by a majority of people.
If sixty million people say a foolish thing, it’s still a foolish thing.
The sky is no less blue because the blind man does not see it.
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After the party – what? The obvious answer is to be able get on with life without having to worry about the time you spent jumping when you could have been doing something that will impact your future or about the money you spent having a good time. You would have been promised at one time or another an opportunity that will afford you time and money freedom and if you usually ask the price of anything you wish to purchase, you will just get on with the purchase without asking price – just pay the bill. It is said that if you have to query the price – you can’t afford it.

I am first to admit that all work and no play is not good but both work and play must not be done excessively. So now you have had fun and for many the bills have them screaming, it is time to implement strategies to will ease the squeeze. It is time for the second and third job for those who are already employed. It is time for those who never thought a job was necessary to find or create a job. In today’s world every household could do with a few dollars more and everyone of working age needs to make a contribution!

There are never enough jobs to go around and as a result the entrepreneurial spirit among our citizens must be developed and expanded. Motivational Seminars and various courses in skills development should be hosted around the country. Life skills are very important in charting a course of positive action.

The creativity exhibited during Carnival must overflow into other areas and create employment opportunities. Carnival must be decentralized and bands must be put together in every community.

Let us put our energies to work for the good of all. Happy Carnival!!!

Keep the Faith, God is in Charge, Dream Big and Expect Miracles Everyday!!!

Edward Harris
Freelance Journalist, Biblicist, Business & PR Consultant, Realtor, Networker,
Private Sector & CSR Advocate, Motivational Speaker

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