APRIL 22, 2009



This is not a very good week to write a column as everything is up in the air. The Budget will be presented on Friday, April 27, 2009 while my deadline was on Wednesday. All I could indicate at this time is the Government has a serious challenge to meet the demands placed upon it.

The effects of the global financial crisis are now impacting upon us in St. Lucia. Many believe that in the developed world the crisis is being arrested and there should be a turn around by the end of 2009. Although I am an optimist, I am still of the view that it will get worse before it gets better and 2010 is more realistic.

The reality is that all St. Lucians will be called upon to do more with less. That is a tall order but possible. Those of us who were comfortable with one job, maybe see the need to consider additional income generating opportunities. It is no debating the fact that cost of living is rising steadily and debts that were committed when things looked great are now becoming a millstone. This situation is evident as you drive along the highways where cars with FOR SALE signs are dropped off in the mornings and picked up in the evenings. Foreclosures will be on the increase and many persons who had planned to hold on to their properties a while longer are shedding some to improve their cash flow. It is a buyer’s market. Cash is king! Sales will drop in the manufacturing and distribution sectors. Wherever possible, business persons will be best advised to expand their range of products. Smart companies will invest in training and seek opportunities to hold motivational sessions for their employees.

We can see doom or opportunities, losses or gains and chose the road that will take you to your destiny. In the midst of difficult challenges, there are always opportunities. It is your life, chose the best. There are still fortunes to be made. There was one time when I knew and experienced that it was possible to get into business without money. Almost everything was easy including getting into business. Entrepreneurs were more humane and placed a high value on ambition and honesty. You could have been given an opportunity without much ado.

Salesmanship is a profession that is always in demand. It guarantees that you will never be out of a job. Unfortunately, I don’t hear about courses being offered in Salesmanship. When I left Guyana I was at the top of my career in Salesmanship and was the President of the Guyana Association of Sales Personnel, an organisation I founded. I have a recommendation for my readers who are worried about the future, don’t have jobs but feel they have what it takes to convince others, I am willing to train you in the art of Salesmanship. Everyone needs to be a salesperson! It is all about the power of persuasion; getting others to accept your point of view/proposition. Welcome to my world. It has been and continues to be a wonderful ride.

In the meantime, programmes are being adopted to minimize the negative effects on the economy. The Saint Lucia Development Bank is now reality and business persons are lining up to get much needed cash flow assistance. It was heartening to see business persons braving the weather last Sunday to listen to Officials of the SLDB and the VAT Implementation Unit at a meeting hosted by SLISBA at the Palm Haven Hotel.

Here is my selected motivational piece of the week:
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Keep the Faith; remember always God is in Charge, Dream Big and Expect Daily

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