March 11, 2010

Edward Harris At Large!


While the call for jobs continues to be echoed across the world, personal wealth is being counted in the billions. Bill Gates is lagging behind Carlos Slim as the world’s wealthiest person. It should be fun and motivating to find out about the 2010 billionaires; you have to take note of the Google guys. China has the greatest percentage increase in billionaires. Millionaires are also on the rise. It all boils down to one simple conclusion – there is money to be made regardless of where ever you find yourself. St. Lucia is no exception. Keep your eyes on the roads.

Creativity, innovation, self motivation, enthusiasm, passion, burning desire, winning ways all these are characteristics that today’s income earners need. I did not say wage earners or job seekers. Too many people are seeking jobs and resigning to the fact that if they fail to find gainful employment, their journey ends. In many instances by simply making an assessment of the needs of their communities, these job seekers can become employers. There are lots of opportunities for individuals to get into business for themselves. There is no better time than now. Everything is negotiable and most times if you know to negotiate, you will be able to get steep discounts.

I was listening to a webinar a few days ago and the presenter said that finding a winning product could be easy but too many people feel that they have to re invent the wheel. Take an existing product/service and present it differently. Let us look at fashion. A dress is a dress but there can be several variations to the basic dress. Over the years, there have been lots of designs and designers who turn out annual collections. Take a subject and make it better. As circumstances change and demand rush after innovation, there is always room in the Entrepreneurial class. Don’t envy Entrepreneurs, join them. Create your own space in the business world.

Many people claim that too many people are engaged in a certain industry and as a result there is no place for them. I feel stromgly that there is always room if you make a difference. Look at the offering and bring to the market a new way of doing the same thing. A substantial amount of all businesses are not utilizing their full potential and giving the customer a genuine deal. Many are just getting fat. Over pricing is an opening for new entrants into a business/service. It invites competition. Don’t ever take your customers for granted. They will surely surprise you.

Others refuse to go into a business because a relative or friend is engaged in a similar business. If there is a real opportunity if you don’t compete with your relative or friend, someone else will. The question is who should be encouraged to get on board – the relative or friend, or a complete stranger? Surprisingly, in many instances, the stranger will be more welcomed. That’s life but it is your call and no one else’s.

Begin to look around the community in which you live/work and seize the opportunity to get into business for yourself. Self Employment could be a very rewarding experience. Be Your Own Boss. Sometimes you may need to build your business before you can fire your boss. I found it very interesting when I managed other people’s businesses. The persons I fired even if they cried and wanted to kill me at that moment, later thanked me for giving them the push they needed to become successful. Sometimes, you may have to make an unpopular decision but in the end, it was in the best interest of the individual.

To be successful, in many instances, it means stepping out of your comfort zone. There is something else that is worthy of note; many times there are persons who have out grown the job and no longer get the level of satisfaction they were accustomed to but fail to move on because of job security. Many times these persons are the reasons for declining sales and general efficiency on the job. The employer must know when the employee has had enough. Help him or her find the door.

I always tell employees whenever I am invited to speak with them at their place of work that they should work for their employers as if they are working for themselves; because it is very likely that places could be reversed sometime in the future. I look at uncooperative employees, the same way I look at delinquent children and remark that their day will come when they are in charge of their own business or family. What will they expect? Life is interesting and no one knows what the future holds. So be the best you can, applying empathy with every step that you take.

Think positive, Keep the Faith, God is in Charge; expect Daily Miracles!

Edward Harris
Biblicist, Freelance Journalist, Realtor, Business & PR Consultant
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