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Far Infrared Technology

§ Good for Carpel Tunnel Syndrome
§ Arthritis, cramps, headaches
§ Re balances body energy
§ Helps circulation
§ Improves circulatory system and blood flow by expanding capillaries
§ Promotes killing of bacteria, fungi, parasites, virus’
§ Gives more nutrients to blood
§ Relieves nervous tension
§ Relaxes muscles
§ Strengthens Cardio Vascular System
§ Stimulates increased production of white blood cells


§ Same Zero Point energy concept as wand

§ Helps the body return to natural homeostasis condition
§ Helps the body fight stress
§ Energizes body fluids and cells
§ Increases energy
§ Strengthens flow of energy in the body
§ Stimulates bodily functions by facilitating delivery of oxygen to the cells.


§ Energized Crystals and minerals infused with Zero Point Energy
§ Unblocks energy channels
§ Promotes self healing
§ Removes distortions in your Bio-Energetic field
§ Energizes food and drink
§ Increases potency of minerals and vitamins
§ Removes aches & pains from Accidents, Arthritis, Bruises, Nasal Passage blockages, Tinnitus, Tendenitis
§ Use on pets
§ Use on plants to promote growth

Some things the Wand is successful with:

· Arthritis, Rheumatism
· Increases negative ion absorptions
· Joint and muscle pain
· Shoulder pain
· Bach ache, headache, neck ache
· Counteracts harmful cell phone radiation
· Respiratory problems, coughs, Asthma
· Constipation
· Inflammation
· insomnia
· Jet lag stress
· Migraine Headaches
· Digestive problems
· Increases strength and physical performance
· Improves mood and helps with depression
· Calming effect for nervousness, anxiety
· Promotes cardiovascular health
· Fights Osteoporosis
· Protects from Parkinson’s
· Relieves pain by releasing body’s natural painkillers: Beta Endorphin, Nydroxyindoles, Acetic acid, Serotonin, Tryptophan
· Improves blood circulation
· Aids in detoxification
· Removes accumulated toxins
· Promotes regeneration and promotes fast healing
· Controls Diabetes
· Increases metabolism between blood and tissues
· Beats fatigue, tiredness, improves alertness
· Stabilizes high or low blood pressure
All these benefits from one tool called “the Wand”
for less than $300!

§ Supplies the body with natural energy stored in the crystals. The body can hold this energy for up to 24 hours.
§ Harmonizes alkaline/acidity balance and normalizes blood pressure.
§ Dissolves and eliminates sediments which lead to stones.
i.e. Arthritis, kidney, gallbladder stones.
§ Can lower cravings for addictive desires
§ Helps with skin diseases by cleansing from the inside- out.
§ Balances PH factor in the body.
§ Brush teeth with Brine. Balances the PH in the mouth. Works against gum bleeding, periodontal diseases, canker sores and bad breath.
§ Brushing with Brine makes teeth whiter.

Put 6-10 drops in a glass of water before meals. Wait 10 minutes before eating or drinking anything.
§ Enhances cellular antioxidant status by switching on Glutathione production.
§ Each serving of DNA yields the Sulforaphane equivalent of 200 grams of steamed broccoli sprouts.
§ Supports cellular defenses
§ Contains selection of premium, exotic Super fruits that are rich in phyto-chemicals.
§ Yields Sulforaphane which increases activity of cellular detoxification Enzymes.
§ Total nutrition for cellular repair
§ Sulforaphane switches on over 200 different genes that help regulate antioxidant levels of the cells while others switch on the cells internal detoxification process.
§ These are the two major ways the human cells defend themselves against disease.
Comes in a stick sachet that you mix in a glass of energized water and drink within 20-30 minutes.



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