May 6, 2010

Edward Harris At Large!


I look forward to the month of May each year as I get upbeat at this time when Jazz is in the air. I am excited to see small business persons really getting their piece of the pie and many taking time off to enjoy the fringe and main stage events. There is something special about St. Lucia Jazz. Forget your troubles and tap your feet to the beat! This period of real good music provided by local, regional and international artistes is great for relieving stress, meet family and friends, and network generally. This is one time that business and pleasure mix perfectly together. Some of the vendors can’t hold back on the beat and serve their patrons with movements of the waistline in keeping with the beat.

I am doing my best to keep a light hearted approach in writing this article but I am reminded about my principal objective is to stimulate interest in business and to inform and educate my readers in this regard. I feel very blessed to share this extract with you in validation of what I continue to stress in my articles whenever I highlight the importance of the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise (MSME) sector – “While business is certainly important for creating middle-class jobs, the fact is that small and medium-size businesses really do the majority of hiring and firing. When those small and medium-size businesses are growing and hiring people, the economy is robust, and when they are not, it is in recession. So, if there is to be a middle, small and medium-size businesses must play key roles. What is exciting and encouraging about the flattening of the world – and innovations like the Business Web – is the degree to which they give small business so much power and so many more cost savings to innovate and compete globally.” – Page 303 – The World is Flat – Thomas L. Friedman.

Last year my Jazz weekend article drew to the attention of the tourism industry leaders an opportunity to promote our tourism offerings in a unique way – MLM. I say no more on this matter at this time but I will continue to be optimistic that some innovative ways will be found to differentiate our approach to promotion and offerings. I look forward to the much talked about Real Estate Tourism product. I can’t wait for further developments in this area.

As always, my hope is that our visitors will go beyond having a great time but will look around for business opportunities and take time off to discuss with family and friends some cutting edge ideas that can be duplicated in this part of the world. In making the point about this part of the world, it is time that our Entrepreneurs see beyond St. Lucia and at least for a start see all Caricom Member States as their territory. When we negotiate for a distributorship – negotiate not only for St. Lucia but for the entire region.

Home Coming 2010 is on my mind and I am hoping that some publicity will be done to promote this wonderful initiative at all possible events. My call to bring ideas to the table cannot be over emphasized. Our people, our future! I am fully persuaded that member of the St. Lucia Diaspora can be of tremendous assistance to the development of our nation. We must seek out every opportunity to take advantage of their expertise and relationships that they have developed over the years.

Within a few days Health & Wellness TV (HWTV) – Channel 42 on the Lime Network will begin testing and the viewing public will be given an opportunity to make suggestions about programmes they will like to view on their TV. The Management promises – A Breath of Fresh Air in their programming – Enhancing Total Well Being by promoting principles of Health & Wellness! It’s all about Positive Lifestyles! Viewers will be invited to register to be a part of the In Studio Audience for any scheduled programmes of their choice – Health, Wellness, Wealth, Business, Entrepreneurship, Religion, Youth, Sports, Lifestyle, Professions, etc. Organisations with Video Footage that they will like to be shown on TV are invited to contact the station. The management of the station could be contacted at Email:

Go out and enjoy Jazz on the Main Stage at Pigeon Island this weekend and ensure Mother is well treated on her special day – Happy Mother’s Day! Don’t forget your business cards.

Keep the Faith, God is in Charge and expect Daily Miracles!

Edward Harris
Biblicist, Freelance Journalist, Realtor, Business & PR Consultant
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