June 9, 2010

Edward Harris At Large!


Concerns are being expressed that everything seems to be about the youth and almost nothing about matured adults when it comes to funding/project assistance for their businesses. Then there are the brilliant young graduates with no experience who gain a competitive edge by qualification to secure the best jobs, leaving those qualified by experience (QBEs) behind. There has to be a middle ground as in most cases experience is vital to the successful implementation of programmes. We talk a lot about persons being passionate about what they do. Experience develops passion. Many of the programmes of today target the Youth and to a lesser extent – women. St. Lucia is a matured society where the majority of our business people are forty five (45) and over. Even if we push the youth argument, the age of maturity is thirty five (35) there is still a substantial gap. It is therefore absolutely necessary to give consideration to this important situation.

I feel strongly that there needs to be a partnership between young and old. In the past I contended that agriculture will never realize its full potential unless the business persons get involved. I went further to stress the need for government to offer incentives to investors to attract them to the sector. I am making yet another statement today as I call upon the planners and persons who decide how the scare financial resources are allocated, to take a second look at the situation and come up with a plan to give the youth and the matured business persons an equal share of the pie, and whenever possible encourage them in Joint Ventures. I suspect that the designers of the various programmes take the position that if a person has been in business for some time, that person doesn’t need assistance. This is far from the truth. Most micro, small and medium businesses need cash flow and in some cases guidance.

I am following the Big Start programme which targeted young persons to present proposals to the panel for their selection of the best proposal. As usual I will deal with the positive aspects of the show. I believe that it is timely and should be continued even without the big cash prize. I am also of the belief that all of the good projects will get assistance from the St. Lucia Development Bank (SLDB) and established business persons. This could be an excellent avenue for business persons who are seeking new opportunities to enter into Joint Venture relations with young potential business persons. After viewing the first show, I spotted projects that will make it regardless of the outcome. The participants must see themselves as winners. The shining stars in the Show were first to be dropped. They had one part of the puzzle right. They were dressed to impress but unfortunately, they lacked substance in their project presentation.

It is important to note that a relationship with a matured investor could provide the much needed mentorship for free. I see a great opportunity to expand what is currently happening to include all ages. Matured people have ideas and still dream of success. Both young and old are in need of opportunities. Our planners must ensure that no one is left behind. Everyone needs an opportunity for a Big Start! After the recession, many business persons are back at the starting gates. The special investment brokers and failed investment companies have left many small business persons holding an empty bag. There is still need for a STIMULUS PACKAGE for the MSMEs sector.

It is crazy in the business world. Thank God the Calypso Season has kicked off, the tents are opening. I am thinking seriously about jumping in a band this year. It will be the first time for me but I need to put aside my problems and dance in the streets. I am looking for a partner to guide me on this new venture. Plan to Enjoy Carnival 2010! The street vendors are gearing up, everyone gets an opportunity to do some business and life goes on. St. Lucia nice!!!

Keep the Faith, God is in Charge, Dream Big and expect Daily Miracles!

Edward Harris
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