July 8, 2010

Harris At Large!


In the midst of the economic crisis which will not be going away anytime soon, the struggle continues for small businesses to survive. The systems that were hitherto ignored by business persons have now become their only hope of survival. They really have to keep their pencil point sharpened and constantly fine tuning the numbers that are constantly changing. Business persons have to be on top of their businesses, micro management in many instances may be the only answer. However, you may be amazed to find Entrepreneurs who still resist writing it down, paying attention to details and behaving as we are still in the pre 2008 period.

I received a call a week ago and was invited to have a look at cutting edge software that will put business owners in the driver’s seat. Software for Success Programme will work with companies’ management and personnel to reinvent their businesses by supporting them to enhance their resources to achieve optimum efficiency. The programme will be tailored to the specific needs of the individual business to provide up to date information that will allow them to make better informed decisions. Services include: Inventory Control – Fleet Management – Vehicle Tracking System with GEO Fencing – Innovations & Efficiencies. SME owners are encouraged to take advantage of this opportunity to be introduced to technology that will generate significant cost savings and improved productivity.

Business people today grapple with poor work ethics, total disrespect for leadership and all the work related misconducts that can be imagined. Inventory Management should be of major concern to all business persons as some employees are bent on being dishonest seeking to justify their actions blaming inadequate wages.

Wastage must be eliminated at all cost. Proper inventory control and sales performance statistics could be helpful in spotting areas of weaknesses. Unfortunately, just in time orders cannot be effectively instituted at the level that will be helpful to many businesses. Cash flow could have been greatly assisted if this system was working effectively.

One of the areas that is a major headache for business persons is the indiscriminate use of companies’ vehicles. With modern technology, it is possible to monitor every aspect of maintenance and movement of your fleet of vehicles. Fuel consumption needs to be monitored closely as the already high prices will be further increase in the months ahead. The disaster in the Gulf of Mexico is not helping. In the short run prices will rise and once again shipping will be affected.

One local Entrepreneur is taking the challenges seriously and is moving to adopt technology to keep on top of his business. The Managing Director of Ideal Bakery has invited P & D Group of Toronto, Canada to provide software and equipment to streamline his Inventory Control and Fleet Management aspects of the business. The state of the art system was shared with business persons at a presentation at the Bay Gardens Hotel on Thursday, 8/7/10.

It is heartening to learn that over 100 businesses, especially small businesses will be participating in the Home Coming 2010 Partnership Fair at the Beausejour Cricket Complex, scheduled for July 26-29, 2010. The expectations of local entrepreneurs are high with the prospects of sales of products, distribution agreements, joint ventures and business cooperation. There will be lunch time lectures on Doing Business in St. Lucia and opportunities to network. Visit for details of the programme for the entire period.

Guyanese Nationals residing in St. Lucia, mindful of the state of affairs in their homeland will get together to launch the SAINT LUCIA CHAPTER OF THE ALLIANCE FOR CHANGE at the Bay Gardens Inn, RODNEY Bay on Friday, 16th July, 2010 at 7.00 pm. All persons interested in demanding Good Governance in Guyana are invited. Hon. Kemraj Ramjattan will address the audience and a number of regional Delegates will be in attendance.

Continue to enjoy Carnival!

Keep the Faith, God is in Charge, Dream Big and expect Daily Miracles!

Edward Harris
Biblicist, Freelance Journalist, Realtor, Business & PR Consultant
Websites: St. Lucia – Agent ECREDMC


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