December 1, 2010 

Harris At Large!  


In times past there were calls to defer the observance of the Christmas Holidays but that never happened. There may be a similar feeling among many St. Lucians at this time as we head for the holiday season. There is definitely a sombre mood in our country as we reflect upon the devastation left behind by Hurricane Tomas a month ago. 

Every constituency suffered from the effects of the hurricane and in some cases many persons in spite of having insurance coverage did not qualify to file claims against the insurers. I understand that in some cases, a claim can only be filed if in excess of EC$ 20,000.00. This will present hardships for many who are not in a financial position to deal with such disruption to normal life. 

The after effects of the global economic recession is still very much with us, compounded by Tomas, it is going to be a very difficult period for many St. Lucians as we enter the Holiday Season. I am never one to be preoccupied with the negative possibilities, but always giving thanks for whatever the Heavenly Father bestows upon me. I know that there are certain things that regardless of whatever state persons find themselves, they will do what they have to do whenever it has to be done. Plans are well in place for Christmas parties and the stores are all decorated to give patrons the Christmas spirit. We hear Silver Bells so we know it is Christmas time in the city and in every home. There is something special about Christmas that the rich and poor share. It is a feeling like none other. Peace, love and the joy of sharing. It is truly the loveliest time of the year. I just love the feeling. 

Many St. Lucians this year will not only exchange wishes and kisses, they will seek out opportunities to share because they care. If there was ever a time to be our brother’s keeper, it is now. Let us take a special interest in the less fortunate in our midst. The children need us this year like never before. The business houses with few exceptions will be somewhat restricted this year in their giving. It is my hope that the true spirit of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) will prevail. Citizens who are blessed to be custodians of God’s gifts should seek out opportunities to share. Before Hurricane Tomas there were challenges to celebrating the season in a manner that it was done in previous years. I am feel confident that we will do the best for ourselves and others.

Why am I talking so early about the holiday season? I have a good reason and that is for us to get into a frame of mind to celebrate the birth of the Holy Child in a manner that will be pleasing to our Saviour. There is every reason for us who are alive to give thanks. 

This year there will be much more attractions to enjoy if only with the eyes. Shopping is going to be great as owners of stores in the two Malls in the North rush to complete stocking to catch the holiday sales. Our Entrepreneurs must be commended for their bullish approach to provide consumers with world class goods and services. 

Every year at this time when my readers are preparing their list of Christmas gifts, I urge those who do not own a computer to purchase one and to own a personal Bible if they do have one. Everyone needs to own a personal Bible so that he/she could highlight verses that awaken them spiritually. This year, residents and visitors will get an opportunity to give books produced by St. Lucia Authors as gifts which will be available at the 4 day Gift and Book Show scheduled for December 14 – 17 at the City Hall, Castries, opening hours 9.00am to 6.00pm. During the show, poetry will be read and Lectures will be delivered by outstanding St. Lucian Writers. Admission is FREE! 

Do you see what I see? In spite of the difficult period being experienced by St. Lucians, it is going to be Season of Thanksgiving! Remember the poor in our midst, especially the children. It is a time for Caring and Sharing. Welcome the Season of Goodwill!

Keep the Faith, God is in Charge, Dream Big and expect Daily Miracles!


Edward Harris

Biblicist, Freelance Journalist, Author, Realtor, Business & PR Consultant


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