December 28, 2010 

Harris At Large!  


 Every passing year it gets more difficult to welcome the New Year. Anxieties and uncertainties about the future overwhelm many of us to the point that if we are without faith, we will have no hope. But fear not, there is a Source that is greater than all others and every year that we are alive, it is another opportunity to live our best lives yet if we will only think positively. If in the past you always saw things in a negative light, let your New Year’s Resolutions be the key for opening the door to a life of abundance which is based on a positive outlook.

 During the course of 2010, many outstanding persons have been called to higher service. Many families as we come to the end of 2010 are without loved ones but the Holiday Season brings consolation and caring to take away the thoughts that are not in keeping with this time of year. Let us look forward with a thankful heart to what can be in the New Year.

The year 2010 will be remembered for a long time. Apart from the aftermath of the recession taking its toll, Hurricane Tomas could not have come at a worse time but the resilience of our people was demonstrated once again and things are gradually getting back to normal in many parts of the island that were seriously affected.

 Many projects were executed during the year to equip entrepreneurs with the skills to improve efficiency in their businesses. Incentives were given to young persons to compete for awards in the GeneX and The Big Start programmes, among others. The SLDB is working with its financial support packages and the trend of increased activity in the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises Sector can only advanced. As we consolidate our position in the services sector, many new opportunities for employment will become available. Private Sector Associations must be supported to provide the necessary shepherding that will help in improving the success rate of businesses.

Surveys that were undertaken in developed countries have shown that as much as 95 percent of micro and small businesses fail, a substantial amount of them by year 2. This is not a healthy situation. A business is not only considered to have failed when its doors are closed and the signs are taken down but rather when the business progressively fails to return a profit. Mentoring will play an important role in the future which beckons a new profession – Life/Business Coach.

In preparing to write this article, I checked Yahoo and Google Search for the top 10 Small Business ideas in the U.S.A. and I saw a clear front runner in Internet Related Businesses. Most can be operated from home and as a result these types of businesses are very cost effective, allowing owners time freedom in many instances. I plan to be a WEBPRENEUR in 2011. My business will be strictly be an online global business. I have a few websites for you www.smallscalebusiness.com www.noobpreneur.com www.smallbizlabs.com I will like to be able to operate my business from anywhere in the world, my virtual company – my laptop computer will go anywhere I go and get busy upon demand anywhere there is internet service. That will definitely be a lifestyle change. I tested it in 2010 and I am now ready to implement my business plan. It is time to think global and with SKYPE and Google Video Chat what more can a Webpreneur ask for? Are you ready to join me? I have some exciting ideas for 2011 and as always I hope you will be a part of the experience. It is time for action. You can have your best life now. However, it will be so much easier if you get together with like minds and change the way you do things in 2011. 

This New Year’s Eve should be special in many ways, giving thanks for year that was and seeking abundant blessings with life changing effect in 2011. Do the things that will make a difference, build your faith by practicing AFFIRMATION, read good books and plan to serve others, share your knowledge, take responsibility for changes in your community. Do something in the coming year you always wanted to do. JUST DO IT! Yes you can! Make 2011 a Can Do Year, set goals and follow through on them. You can make a difference for yourself, those close to you and your community. Think Positively! 

I wish above all things that you will prosper and be in health – Happy New Year to all!

Remember always to Keep the Faith, God is in Charge, Dream Big and expect Daily Miracles! 

Edward Harris

Biblicist, Freelance Journalist, Author, Realtor, Business & PR Consultant

Email: eaharrisdestiny@gmail.com

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