February 24, 2011 

Harris At Large!  


While we celebrate our 32nd Anniversary as an independent nation, it is important to take note of the fact that while we are independent, our survival is based on interdependence as the actions of other nations will impact on us for better or for worse.  

Just when we were beginning to feel that the economic situation is returning to normalcy, the turmoil in the Arab world emerged. The wave of demand for change is unstoppable and the old system of governance is called into question. The strategic interest of the develop nations is threatened. When oil supply is threatened, every aspect of business is placed under pressure, principally among them being transportation. Prices of commodities will rise and when this situation occurs, in many instances there will be no reversal. Inflation will rise sharply. As this week ends, oil is hovering at around US$105.00 per barrel and it is very likely it will continue to rise in the weeks ahead. 

There are no longer rumours of wars, wars are everywhere. Where there are no unrests, there are disasters. Are we living in the last days? There is even a prediction that the end of the world will be sometime in May of 2011. I am not going to bet on that but what I know – there will be a new world order. The people of the world will no longer allow governments to carry on with business as usual where the rich gets richer and the poor gets poorer even when the people are willing to help themselves. There must be a better way. The wanton wastage of financial resources taking place in our world must come to an end. For several decades, the leaders of the world have been speaking about poverty alleviation but nothing substantial is being done. What is the vision? Is there a real vision for poverty alleviation? The first sign of that vision will be when governments begin to take care of their people. When health care, education, security services, innovation, technology, research and development, promotion of the micro, small and medium enterprises sector are given the priority that they deserve, then it will be well with the people.   

It is time for all people of goodwill to stand up for what is right and ensure that their freedoms are preserved. We in this region with few exceptions are blessed to live in democracies where the rights of the people are respected. Our region is considered a zone of peace, primarily because of the freedoms we enjoy. The regional integration movement is alive. Caricom Single Market is advancing and the Oganisation of Eastern Caribbean States Economic Union is reinforcing the wider movement. 

The year 2011 is going to be a politically active year for the voters in St. Lucia and Guyana. While the winner is clear in the case of Guyana, the St. Lucia situation is different. The elections in St. Lucia are due within nine months and the battle will intensify in the weeks ahead. There are two different electoral systems in the region. Guyana is the only country in the region with Proportional Representation. St. Lucia and the rest of nations in the region have First Past the Post. There is another important fact about elections in Guyana, Coalition is not an option. Winner takes all, whether the party with the most seats gets 40% or more at the polls. As a result Guyana can be ruled by a minority government. 

As St. Lucians celebrate the 32nd Anniversary of Independence, it is important to remember the adult suffrage came first and as a result of an elected parliament, it was possible to seek independence from the colonial masters. We must endeavour to get a better turn out at the polls. Less than sixty percent is unacceptable. We must do better. This is one of our freedoms we must preserve – the right to demand a government of our choice. Thank God that to date there is no alarm about rigged elections in St. Lucia. Let’s give thanks!  

We must resolve to work together for a brighter future in spite of the anxieties and uncertainties of the 21st century.  

Remember always to Keep the Faith, God is in Charge, Dream Big and expect Daily Miracles! 

Edward Harris

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