Follow Warren Buffet & Donald Trump – MLM is Good!

Dear Colleagues,
Happy Holiday Weekend!
I have been wrong many times, but whenever I am right it makes up for all of the bad judgements in the past. I have been consistent in my believe that Internet Marketing is the way to go in today’s new economy. It is important that we be a part of the wave. The internet gives us the power of operating globally.
I may be Multi Level Marketing (MLM) fatigued but I keep true to the principles of the industry. Rod Cook says it best “MLM is good – the last hope for the little guy”. However the big guys are jumping in. Warren Buffet and Donald Trump own MLM companies. There is money to be made in the business, and we need to be a part of it.
TIMING IS EVERYTHING! I am pleased to introduce to you a business that its time has come. Greenfoot Global has developed Enviro Tab which is EPA registered. The company is currently expanding globally and I invite you to be a part of it.
I joined Greenfoot Global on Thursday 28/4, my start up package is already on the way. I have sent out emails to all my social media partners and by the weekend I will send out to another 500 people. I am talking with my upline several times a day. After these initial contacts, then the work begins. I am installing my Magic Jack, I am on SKYPE I suggest you join me ID phonso4704. I am thinking about getting the 6000 minutes to the Caribbean from C & W if it is still available.
I am dead serious about this one. I want you to join me and let us rock the place. Let us begin to plan for our first business opportunity meeting, write down 20 names who you feel might be interested.
Let us get started, please listen to this message at (if you have not done so already) which explains the whole business plan.
Next step visit my website at go to Opportunity and in the drop down window click on Compensation Plan. After you listen to the message, check other links.
I encourage you to make this one of your most productive weekends ever. I await your call.

Yours sincerely,
Ed Harris

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