June 10, 2011 

Harris At Large!  


Affiliate Marketing, Network Marketing, Relationship   Marketing, Multi Level Marketing (MLM), etc., all these methods of marketing have one objective in common and that is to generate sales. The principal function is selling. So as to avoid any misunderstanding, this article is dedicated to the system of Multi Level Marketing (MLM). It is important to note that MLM removes the need for advertising and puts the promotion of the product or service squarely on the shoulders of the Marketer. Wherever possible, a combination of internet and direct word of mouth work best, with the latter being most effective in many instances.  

Multi Level Marketing is a Home Based Business. It pays at several levels and allows for productive business owners to received super financial and social rewards which allow them to enjoy the good life. It affords those who get involve and are successful – Financial and Time Freedom. 

There is no other industry that has leveled the playing field as the MLM Industry. I know of no other industry that an individual can enter without the usual requirements of a business except with for two qualifications that he or she is prepared to apply the system and do whatever it takes to achieve the goals set out by the company. All that is necessary is that you find a company that you can trust and offers products/services that you can be proud of and get passionate about sharing the experience with others. 

In every industry there are bad apples and it is necessary to apply due diligence to ascertain whether the company and its promoters are reputable. It is very important that you make the right decision about the company that you will be associated with. In the MLM business you do the job once and get paid for a lifetime so it is very important that you step cautiously in aligning yourself with any company. 

I was able to view at first hand the life style of Networkers when I participated in two annual cruises with Multi Level Marketing high rollers (MLM Millionaires and Experts) on their annual MLM cruise This year they will be cruising for the 22nd time and the Caribbean cruise is scheduled for November 19-27, 2011. Last year the group passed through St. Lucia. 

It was on my first cruise that I met Rod and Marcie Cook and I have been in contact with them ever since. Visit I will never forget a quotation from him and I share it here with you “Network Marketing is the only hope for the little guy”. This quote is much more than words, it is reality to millions of little guys, who in the past and up to today have lived their dreams only because of MLM. MLM will continue to be the only escape route for the little guy. 

The dominance of the MLM industry is not about to be lessened as the big guys are now actively participating in several business opportunities. In recent years, Warren Buffet and Donald Trump have entered the business. President Clinton and other influential persons have applauded the industry. Warren Buffet appears to be on a mission buying up MLM companies. He said “Best money I ever spent”. 

Now that you have been provided with some information about deciding on the right company and product/service, it is now time to look at a generous compensation plan. There is a lot to know about compensation plans and they can be very complicated but you will understand very quickly as you begin to earn and climb the success ladder. It is important to select a company that its owners have a track record in the industry. Here is an example of dealing with one such company. Hereunder is their compensation package:

You get paid 5 different ways: 1. Retail Sales – Online/Offline, 2. Fast Start Bonus 25%, 3. Binary Commissions and Cycle Bonuses, 4. Matching Bonuses, 5. Leadership Coding Bonuses. 

You be the judge, Linear Income – exchange time for money, only get paid if you work, and get paid only on your own efforts versus Leveraged Residual Income – allows you to be paid on the efforts of hundreds if not thousands of others, get paid for a lifetime for work you did once, and get paid 24/7 even when you are sleeping. 

Here are two business opportunities that were introduced to me recently – and These two businesses will relieve pain financially and physically. 

The time has truly arrived when with the help of the Internet, the MLM industry should be revisited. I am fully aware that many will claim to suffer from MLM fatigue but success comes sometimes by sticking with a business/project that makes sense. Don’t give up on a dream that can transform your life. The playing field has been leveled with the introduction of the internet. You can now build a global organization. Your market is no longer your country, it is now the world. You can find leaders around the world with the effective use of social media and really do great things. MLM is good for you! 

Remember always to Keep the Faith, God is in Charge, Dream Big and expect Daily Miracles!


Edward Harris

Biblicist, Freelance Journalist, Author, Realtor, Business & PR Consultant


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