June 15, 2011 

Harris At Large!  


It is time to take action. MLM is good for you. You have been sitting on the fence, listening to all the bad experiences while the rest of the world is having a great time and enjoying true abundance of Financial and Time Freedom. 

After writing my last weekend article something interesting happened. I received an invitation from a friend to attend a Business Building Seminar at the Royal St. Lucian Hotel on Sunday, June 12, 2011, featuring Executive Diamond – Bubba Pratt of Florida, USA. I always make a special effort to accept   invitations to go to church, and motivational lectures/business opportunity presentations. Like all other times, I am happy I did. I really enjoyed the presentation. It was excellent and I am energized.  

I spent almost four hours taking in the various activities and I take this opportunity to publicly thank Mr. and Mrs. George for the invitation. They were recognized for achieving the Silver Award based on their sales performance. Mr. Pratt looked the part of a millionaire which he is. He was dressed for the occasion and demonstrated great leadership. It takes some work to be an Executive Diamond but it can be done and most important it is being done all around the world. The James family must be complimented for keeping the energy of Amway alive in Saint Lucia.  

Amway has a long history spanning several decades. Amway after over 50 years of continuous success, not too long ago took the name QUIXTAR North America which was short lived and they reverted to the original name adding Global, now known as Amway Global. Many persons have at sometime been involved with Amway and proudly attest to the fact. Amway continues to provide quality products to its consumers and as result is able to expand globally. Amway is in eighty countries and currently produces eight billion in sales.  

Mr. Pratt emphasized the point that the top achievers in the MLM industry stick with the system. He suggested four things that a MLMer must do to be successful.

  1. 1.   Buy products from yourself every single week.
  2. 2.   Have a Dream or Goal – make it a MONEY Goal Want to make 50 USD? What do you have to do?
  3. 3.   Learn the presentation and make a presentation 3 times a week. Look for three people who will buy into the plan.
  4. 4.   Get with the training system.

It is simple as that. Just do the 4 things recommended.  

Skepticism helps no one. Many times we take positions on hear say rather that analyzing things for ourselves. When you join the business, be sure that a few of your friends tell you that you will never succeed because that is what most people think about Network Marketing. When you become extremely successful as many who received such negative wishes have been able to prove otherwise, those persons will be singing a different tune.  

I continue to stress the point that there are reasons for failures. Lack of due diligence is a serious problem. Find out as much as you can about the company you wish to join. Don’t rush to a decision. When a company has been around for a long time and is successful, the task is easy. You must try to find out about previous success stories of the owners and the executive staff. Is the company debt free? Does the company deliver on its promises? Get down to knowing as much as possible about the company and its leadership. Is the compensation plan sustainable? Is the business transferrable? Remember in the MLM business, you are an Independent Business Owner. 

MLM is a great business. Have fun building it and live your dreams. Why can’t we build a few success stories here in the Caribbean? We are no longer restricted by size; the internet has leveled the playing field. Your MLM Home Based Business is no longer depended on you finding local and possibly regional customers; you can now operate on a global scale. Today, substantial business is being done on the social networks where you make fiends, gain the confidence of others and introduce your business. People do business with those persons they get to know and trust. Social Networking is great for building relationships. 

Information on training in Network Marketing/MLM is all over the internet and there are more books written on the subject than could be read in the average lifetime. There is no shortage of information on the subject. This is our time. Are you going to stand by and miss the opportunity to achieve real success in life?  

There are so many success stories to draw from and in many instances ordinary people make the headlines. The next big hitter could be you. There are several opportunities out there, just take your time to research your options and make a well informed decision.  

Once you make the decision, take Mr. Pratt’s advice and just get out there and keep swinging your bat consistently. You will hit a few balls out of the park; take as much time as needed. 

It was heartening to note the amount of young persons who turned up for the event. Is this a sign of things to come when our young people will embrace the MLM Business Model? I sincerely hope it is. 

Remember always to Keep the Faith, God is in Charge, Dream Big and expect Daily Miracles! 

Edward Harris

Biblicist, Freelance Journalist, Author, Realtor, Business & PR Consultant Email: eaharrisdestiny@gmail.comWebsites:  St. Lucia – Agent ECREDMC


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