June 29, 2011 

Harris At Large!  


It was an opportunity missed by Entrepreneurs on Wednesday 22nd June, 2011 when the St. Lucia Chamber of Commerce & Industry in collaboration with Office of Private Sector Relations (OPSR) hosted Directors of the British Virgin Islands Investment Club to share their experiences. The Club was represented by Mrs. Margaret Penn and Mr. Glenn Harrigan, 2nd Vice President and Treasurer respectively. They were accompanied by Ms. Ermyn Richardson, Executive Assistant. 

I am fully convinced that I am correct in my constant plea to business persons to come together to seek alternatives to dealing with the current economic crisis and general changes in the global business environment. 

If you were to undertake a survey among business persons today, asking the question – what is the greatest hindrance to your company’s success? There will be one resounding answer – MONEY! We, in this part of the world were not fortunate to get Stimulus Packages from our governments but the reality is business persons should be able to at least get Cash Flow Assistance. Many persons in the present business environment cannot meet their current obligation with their bank, and find it extremely difficult to request additional facility. As a result, they are using their suppliers as their bankers and putting further hardship on them as they grapple with their own overseas suppliers. It gets even worse in the manufacturing sector. 

What then is the alternative? My take is that while business persons struggle with their existing businesses, an aggressive approach should been taken to mobilize finances and seek out non-traditional businesses which are emerging currently. The days of the one man show is over. The BVI Investment Club was launched on the 26th of September, 1992, almost 20 years ago, but in the first 10 years, it established itself as a force to reckon with. I will share with you the story as I heard it. Twenty four individuals got together, each contributed US$1,000.00. In their first year of operation an opportunity presented itself to acquire CCT Boatphone from Ameritech Corporation, and in a partnership with Falconwood Corporation, Boston Communications and Columbia Capital, the deal was formally concluded on the 8th of December,1993. 

The Club continued to identify opportunities for its members and went on to make some very valuable investments among members of the club and the general public by offering shares in the open market.

November 25, 1994, purchased 17 acres of land which was sub dived into lots and fully sold out.

September 12, 1996, purchased 45 % in Ocean Conversion Limited. On February 21, 1997, 25% was successfully sold BV Islanders and Belongers.

October 10, 1997, the Club in partnership with the Gibbons family, officially launched Colonial (BVI) Limited, the BVI’s first locally owned insurance company.

April 25, 2000, the Club with the assistance of Prudential Securities, ventured into the US Stock Market.

May 2, 2000, the Club assisted in establishing three other Clubs, namely QuestInvestment Club, Nottingham Estate Investment Club and C-Tech Investment Club.

April 15, 2002, the Club through its member-owned company Sage Investments Limited successfully sold approx. 15% of its ownership in CCT Boatphone to over 600 members of the BVI public.

April 26, 2002, the Club launched the BVI Investment Club Foundation.

The foregoing was achieved in the Club’s first ten years of existence. This phenomenal achievement was based on a strong vision – “A vision of securing for all BVI Islanders and Belongers their rightful place in the development of the British Virgin Islands.” There are five principles that guide the membership of the Club. 1. A shared vision and passion about the role which BVI Islanders and Belongers must play in the future economic development of the territory; 2. Mutual respect for each member as an individual; 3. Equity in investment; 4. A fundamental trust in each other, and 5. A deep trust and belief in the collective wisdom of the members of the Club. 

I have always contended that we must trust each other before we can do business with each other. Serious emphasis was placed on the word TRUST. The BVI Investment Club is a success story for the private sector as the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank is for the Governments of the OECS. 

It must be noted that the Club from humble beginning was able to negotiate with the Development Bank, Commercial Banks and finally place some offers on the stock exchange, Can this business model be successful in other parts of the region? My answer is, Yes – it can. You can catch up on the 2nd ten years of continued progress by visiting the Club’s website at  The Club continues to Fulfill the Vision of Economic Empowerment.  

It is in the spirit of making a serious attempt to bring persons interested in business and existing business persons together, that I invite my readers and their associates to participate in a FREE – Be your own Boss Opportunity Meeting on Tuesday, 5th July, 2011 at the Bay Gardens Inn, Rodney Bay from 6.00pm. Please register early to avoid disappointment. Email: The principal objective of my Associates and I is to bring persons of like minds together as the BVI Investment Club did almost 20 years ago. 


There is no shortage of opportunity. Everyday you are presented with countless chances to be, or do whatever you desire.

   Luck is a matter of preparation meeting opportunity.

Don’t miss out on an opportunity because you’re not prepared.

   Your preparation is absolutely essential.

To achieve success, you must have self discipline.

   You must increase your knowledge and develop your skills.

You’re always in the right place at the right time when you’re prepared. © 2010 

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Remember always to Keep the Faith, God is in Charge, Dream Big and expect Daily Miracles! 

Edward Harris

Biblicist, Freelance Journalist, Author, Realtor, Business & PR Consultant


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