July 21, 2011


Harris At Large!



Carnival is over. I hope everybody got their money’s worth. I make the point of money’s worth as every year for the average person to participate in a band, it takes double the financial sacrifice. The band leaders were very happy as they recorded their numbers, and they should be. I congratulate the designers who thought it would have been a good idea to put some clothing on the ladies and gentlemen. Congratulations!

 The judging of the bands had some problems as the bands were too far apart in getting to the judging area. I feel that the distance between Choc Round About and Vigie Playing Field is too much. Maybe Beausejour is the answer for the first day of Carnival and the second day the bands should hit the road, starting off from Millennium Highway into Castries and exit into Sir John Compton Highway.

 Constant improvement with everything we undertake should be our goal. Innovation – make a good thing better. Generally from the comments I heard, Carnival in spite of the logistical problems was great. Our French neighbours made their presence felt and added additional excitement.

 There were not many TV stations broadcasting the bands in the streets this year. At the commencement of the parade of the bands only HWTV carried live broadcast showcasing  the beauty of St. Lucia’s Carnival. The management of this station should be complimented for their effort.

It is time to get back to work and prepare for the challenges ahead of us. This is the time when parents are preoccupied with the new school year and in many instances – where will they find the money to buy books and uniforms? With every passing year the situation gets worse than the last. School leavers looking for employment could have a daunting task. I have some advice, Youngsters have to get back to the practice of the old days when school leavers were willing to be apprentices and work for a stipend. Our young people should stop looking exclusively for jobs and find ways to put their skills to work. Many young people can earn their livelihood by the effective use of the Internet. Internet related businesses should be introduced in schools. Projects in the field of Internet Marketing should be encouraged.

 I saw an advertisement in last weekend issue of this newspaper and I wondered how many young persons   looking for jobs will apply? It offered a great opportunity for persons with access to a computer. Free Training will be provided. There has to be a process of sensitizing our young people about opportunities in the global village. Facebook and games should not be the dominant use of the computer. Alternatively, gainful employment could be created on the internet.

 I keep referring to the need for drivers of development in our country. Who will drive the process for creating businesses in the new economy? The time has come for a period of preparation for school leavers seeking to enter the field of work. There is something missing. Students upon leaving school are equipped with education but there are other preparations necessary for the field of work. This linkage seems missing. The National Skills Development Centre is an effort in this direction but is just not sufficient. How can volunteerism help?

 The Do Something Group should expand their mandate to include the empowerment of citizens, especially the young ones. Don’t only give a fish, teach people to fish. A comprehensive programme needs to be put in place to reach out to the development needs of our communities. Empowerment begins with a mind set. There is urgent need for a process of awakening to be introduced in every corner of our island. In the past three years things have changed drastically. However, some persons are still stuck in time neglecting the realities of the day.

 Whether you are energized, fatigued or broke after Carnival 2K11, it is now reality time. You have to face the challenges. Regardless of whatever state you find yourself, you can be assured that many persons are already planning for next year’s carnival. Life goes on!

 Together, we can make things better.

Remember always to Keep the Faith, God is in Charge, Dream Big and expect Daily Miracles!

 Edward Harris

Biblicist, Freelance Journalist, Author, Realtor, Business & PR Consultant


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