December 8, 2011 

Harris At Large! 


My grandfather used to say “Long Life is a Blessing” and always ended up with this statement “If you live long enough, many of the things that seem impossible will happen before your very eyes”. I have proven him to be correct many times and this week I am smiling at how many things that I have given up on and doubted myself about have happened.

 I have been writing consistently about Innovation and Technology begging that a Ministry or Secretariat should be set up to drive this all important aspect of development, especially in the area of employment generation. Finally, after over a decade of crying in the wilderness, I am so happy that I am alive to see that a Ministry for Public Service, Energy, Science and Technology has been established with responsibility for Information and Communication Technology (ICT). I know that once the Government is serious about providing JOBS that the entrepreneurial aspect of Science, Innovation, Technology and ICT will emerge in the grand scheme of things. I discussed the need for placing emphasis on Innovation in my last article and went on to show the prospects for opening up opportunities for employment on a grand scale.

 I have been involved in politics from my teens and I have always been thinking about the politics of winner take all and locking out the contributions of those who do not support the party in office. Thank God I lived to see the day when a political leader welcomes into the fold other politicians who can make a contribution for   the good of the nation. I congratulate our newly elected Prime Minister, Hon. Dr. Kenny D. Anthony for his leadership in getting the Party to extend a hand of welcome to other politicians who can bring their expertise to bear on the grueling task ahead, especially as it relates to the economy.

I have two other recommendations and I will be looking on at what develops in the weeks and months ahead. I have written on these extensively and a search of my archive (International Tourism and Investment Representatives) at www.stluciasimplybeautiful.com will refer to my recommendations. The Government and all citizens whether managing the economy or a household need to do more with less money. Money needs to be stretched like never before. It is for this reason Governments should find creative ways to do things, and surprisingly in many cases will yield amazing results. It is necessary for us to get back to basics. The time is rife for volunteerism. Each citizen must be given an opportunity to make a contribution. Self Help should be promoted. The Government must not feel compelled to pay for everything. The citizens must be motivated to help themselves.

We must attract Foreign Direct Investors, this is vital to our economic future. We must get the message out to the world that St. Lucia is a world class destination for doing business. In the meantime, we must get our Ease of Doing Business ranking to an acceptable level. In the interest of getting more for less, the efforts of all ministries and agencies seeking to attract foreign direct investments must be effectively coordinated, seeking joint representation and participation in events that will showcase what St. Lucia has to offer.

 In spite of the state of the world economic situation today, I am fully convinced that by opening up the game and leveling the playing field, giving all citizens an equal opportunity, we can be at the dawn of better days.

 I have a very special feeling about what I have been hearing and seeing in the past few days since the elections. The Cabinet seems ready to get to work. Regardless of the results, whether your party won or suffered defeat at the polls, let us also get to work and make the best of the next five years. Let us pray for the leadership and people of St. Lucia. 

In my next article I will be dealing with the electoral system in Guyana where a minority government was sworn into office to administer the affairs of the country. 

Remember always to Keep the Faith, God is in Charge, Dream Big and expect Daily Miracles! 

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