January 10, 2012 

Harris At Large! 


We are living in serious times when the developed nations are grappling with one of the worst economic times and politicians are only adding fuel to the already bad situation with their partisan approach. There must be cooperation among politicians if the people are going achieve their rights to true freedom, health, happiness and prosperity. Everyone including politicians and citizens must put country first and make the right decisions. Leadership must take on a new direction. It must no longer be a privileged status without taking the responsibility for delivering on the promises made to the people. A change has got to come. 

Although the first month of the year is already well advanced, many persons are still extending best wishes for this New Year. If there is a time that we need to wish those we come into contact with best wishes, it is now. Everyone is hoping for better days which are evident in the level of expectancy and energy being demonstrated by the people. 

Everyone needs to be healthy, happy and prosperous. This is not difficult to achieve if the country in which we live is led by leaders who are economically prudent and socially conscious. 

It is early days yet as the new administration is currently settling down to governing the business of state. It will be necessary to apply some degree of patience and tempering of expectations. There are many issues that need urgent attention but there is a process in dealing with such matters and patience will be necessary. 

I pray for prosperity to return to our shores and that the spirit of cooperation will pervade in our midst. It is time to put all hands on deck, reject divisiveness and move forward in unity, as united we stand, divided we fall. Let us put country first and all other things will fall into place.

There is need for everyone to undertake an assessment of their individual needs and the needs of their community. Those who until now were prepared to sit on the fence and do nothing, must now be prepared to get involved in the development of their community. I look forward to the introduction of Local Government reform as I have always contended that it is not only a platform for nurturing potential politicians, but it is one way of giving the people a voice in their affairs. 

The new government has a humongous task ahead as it grapples with urgent administrative structures that need to be in place and the all important task of providing an enabling environment that will encourage the creation of jobs. It appears that the various Ministries will have to rely on technical committees to assist in expediting the much needed structures and projects that are necessary. There is a lot to be done. The majority of Ministers have entered government for the first time and patience will be necessary. It is said however that new broom sweeps clean. With dedication on their part, a lot can be achieved. 

My motivational piece for the week is very instructive and I am hopeful that my readers will take heed of the message. 


You must avoid breaking when things don’t go your way.  You’ll always be secure to the degree that you accept change.

   True security comes from being able to bend your insecurities.

Recognize and accept that change will inevitably take place.  You’ll become secure, not by standing still, but by growing, moving, and staying energized.

   Be secure in the knowledge that you can deal with anything that happens to you.

Have the courage to bet on your ideas.  Take some calculated risks and act on your dreams.

   There is no permanent security on this earth, there is only opportunity.

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Lots of interesting things are on the horizon and it is up to us to assist in charting the course that will move St. Lucia forward. Let us put our country first so that we can all enjoy a healthy, happy and prosperous life in beautiful Saint Lucia! 

Remember always to Keep the Faith, God is in Charge, Dream Big and expect Daily Miracles! 

Edward Harris

Freelance Journalist, Realtor, Business & PR Consultant


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