January 25, 2012 

Harris At Large! 


The first month of the year 2012 is drawing fast to a close. How has it been for you? I hope your resolutions have begun to bear fruits and even if things are slow and have not been up to expectation, patience will see you through. Don’t forget my advice to you last week, that you do something different in 2012. Resolve to make 2012 your big year. I am so excited about 2012. Anyhow, I am sure it is not that my twilight years are upon me, I do feel a genuine optimism about the future. If the world ends on December 21, it must be well with my soul. 

Everything is happening in the Castries and Gros Islet, I am appealing to the leaders in our society to stop locking out the rest of the country. It has become necessary to take some of the programmes to outlying towns and villages. There are some programmes which can be done in the North and the South. It is time we look at conference meetings via the internet, so that the information can reach across the country and get the contribution of a wider cross section. Most persons have at least one computer so it is shouldn’t be difficult to arrange webinars. 

I have been attending meetings of the private sector and social groupings and I am always unhappy with the level of attendance of persons from Soufriere and Vieux Fort areas. In many instances, the two regions were not represented. Something should be done to ensure that the people are fully engaged. It is time to introduce technology to assist in making it possible to engage persons who have contributions to make. 

When I lived in the South of the island I travelled to Castries for 99% of the meetings to which I was invited. Very few important meetings were held in the outside of Castries/Gros Islet. I hope that the leaders consider taking their messages to the people and schedule meetings differently in 2012. I recently moved back to the South and I hope that my trips to Castries will be much less than used to be. I am looking forward to attending many meetings in the South. 

The Guyana Saint Lucia Association will be hosting its Southern Chapter meeting in Vieux Fort on Sunday, 29th January at 4.00pm. This will be the first meeting I will be attending in the South since my return and I look forward to attending many others. This meeting was planned by the executive long before my decision to move back to the South – the New Frontier. In the past, every opportunity I got to schedule a meeting for the South, I did everything to make it happen. 

I am available to share my experiences with groups in the South. I plan to visit the Rotary Club as I am very pleased with the charitable work the club has done over the years. St. Jude’s Hospital will need a lot of help and I am confident that Rotary will be involved. I encourage my readers to invoke the Do Something Spirit in 2012. 

I have been giving away gifts of essential reading on my TV show on MBC TV and will continue to do so. I fully recognize the need for everyone to read. I appreciate the fact that our choice of reading materials will vary but it is important that we apply balance. Too many people readily accept that St. Lucians don’t read. It is time to do something about it. I look at the soaps and enjoy them but I don’t look at that type of show all day. I look at all the news channels because the events of the moment are moving at a fast pace and I need to know. 

This is worth repeating – Do something different in 2012! You don’t have to get it right, you just have to get it going. Everything I do I take a step in faith believing I can do it. I wish that you will follow in my footsteps. Then our lives will not be in vain. At the end of 2012, it is my wish that you will look back at the year that was and celebrate your actions that brought happiness to the people in your community, all because you cared and shared.

Remember always to Keep the Faith, God is in Charge, Dream Big and expect Daily Miracles!

Edward Harris

Freelance Journalist, Realtor, Business & PR Consultant


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  1. Vagner Says:

    ,another government lberpom,they need to enforce alot of road safty measures,for instance they cant afford to pay a traffic officer to be on every highway,street corners and roads but they can atleast put traffic speed limit signs at those place mention this cud curb alot.the metropolitant countries dont have an officer to moniter every delinquent driver but they have measures in place like the speed limit signs and flash camera,s to detect ur license plate if u go over limit and its accuracy is remarkable if u go 1mph more than recommended speed u get an automatic traffic st.lucians how easy is that to place these things at every 5mile range,i guarantee alot of lives wud be save,for one ppl dont like paying continuous traffic tickets and if they dont pay it their license will be revoked until payments is due with extra charge for delay of payment. and i know ppl will say that the government have no money for these expense,but just imagine this is saving lives it cud be urs.this is a win win situation the government can make their monies they spend on this project by offenders paying their finds,less unnecessary speeding and lives being looshans when u vote make sure url purpose are being served afterall this is just basic road saftey measures. we looshans all we see on our street signs is couple school ahead signs couple speed bumps and GO SLOW,AND THATS 90MPH FOR LOOSHANS, MAKE SURE THE SPEED LIMITS ARE IMPLIED SUCH AS 50MPH,30MPH 70MPH ETC.on canada highways there is no acending traffic on most of the highways,opposite roads are seperated maybe by 50m apart and these roads r very wide with 2 somtimes 3 lane traffic and maximum speed is 90mph and if u are caught exceeding speed limits u go out on strikes plus a ticket,if u are caught speeding on 2 or 3 occasions ur license can be revoke from 3-5 st.lucia is when u kill someone in accident thats when they revoke.

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