April 18, 2012 

Harris At Large


There is a time and a season for everything under the sun. It is also a spiritual fact that the presence of certain persons in certain places causes things to happen, even miracles. That is the reality. Man is not only flesh and blood, he is also spirit. We are all aware that some people come into your path and everything goes wrong while others bring you peace, success and joy. You have heard before someone remarked that the other person’s spirit is light and another person may think the opposite of someone else.

It is interesting that I am in Vieux Fort and there are all types of exciting things happening. Up to the time I moved back to Vieux Fort, I was always concerned that the place was too quiet and there are not enough bars and restaurants around, of course using the Gros Islet and Rodney standards. But now that I am here, I feel my friends were holding back the real happenings from me, keeping all the fun for themselves. There is not only the front streets and sea front recreation spots, there are many in the back streets. When next you are visiting the South explore the many new places to hang out. I am not afraid to tell my friends to visit Vieux Fort and environs. I don’t have to worry where they will eat, drink or sleep.

Vieux Fort is really the Frontier of happiness and prosperity. It is taking shape before our very eyes. It is my hope that overseas visitors and residents visiting the South during the season of Jazz will take time off the mix pleasure with business so that they can make informed decisions about investing in the area.

If we look at things as they can be Vieux Fort is the place to be. All the infrastructure needed to make it attractive to investors have been in place for several years now but not enough was done to direct investors to the opportunities that are available. My eyes are fixed on the new boards to see what the newly elected members will do differently. This writer has spelt out over time in no uncertain terms what needs to be done. Principal among my dissatisfaction is the tardy approach in dealing with investors and their representatives. I will like to see some excitement in the way investors are welcomed to our shores. Another concern of mine is the response time it takes for the initial acknowledgement of proposals. St. Lucia is not the only country inviting investors and investors like to be treated special. Let welcome them in a manner beyond their expectation. What about a weekly get together at one of the major hotels where a Minister or Government Official will meet with potential investors to discuss opportunities in St. Lucia?

The date for the introduction in Parliament of the 2012/2013 Budget was finally announced and I believe that this is one time the parliament will be filled inside and outside because of the interest that has been awakened due to the introduction of VAT and other important measures that are supposed to be announced.  A lot of statements have been made about VAT – for and against but it will happen this time around. It has been a long time coming. It cannot be deferred any longer. I feel strongly that there should be a cut off point for micro and small businesses. Every business regardless of size should not be expected to file VAT. I am fully aware of the difficulty small business people have with maintaining records. However, it is an opportunity for all businesses regardless of size to upgrade their financial recording systems that will make their businesses more efficient. There is also need for training the trainers’ workshops in relation to dealing with VAT so that the business community will be better served as they grapple with the problem associated in getting their businesses VAT ready. Maybe the OPSR is well positioned to help with the training of consultants to assist business persons.

Here is my motivational piece of the week:


Your range of available choices right now has no limits. The only limits you have are in your mind.

   You’ve got it in you to succeed. Just make up your mind and stick with it. 

   You weren’t born with any limits on your powers or any set limits to your capacity.

   At any moment, you have more possibilities than you can act upon.  Imagine your possibilities and your vision expands.

   Capture your dreams in your mind and your life becomes full. Reach out and touch the limits of your being in your mind.

   If you think you can, you can.

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Remember always to Keep the Faith, God is in Charge, Dream Big and expect Daily Miracles! 

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