May 31, 2012 

Harris At Large!


Last week I promised that I will definitely make an effort to attend EXPO 2012 held at Union Industrial Estate. I did fulfill my promise by visiting the EXPO last Friday evening. I had a whistle stop visit but enough time to note the various displays. The big companies are always outstanding but the small businesses could not have been ignored. Frootsy Foods Ltd. which was located next to Baron Foods Ltd. made an excellent showing alongside one of St. Lucia’s leading manufacturers. As a person who owned a fashion shop and still very conscious about the way I dress and look, I was very impressed with the fashion offerings at the show.

After leaving the EXPO, I stopped by for a good old Guyanese lime to mark the 46th anniversary of Guyana’s Independence which was dubbed a Pre Guyana Independence Get Together. The event was hosted by Ms. Sandra Knights at her residence in Sans Souci, Castries and was well attended by members of the Guyanese community, including Mr. Lokesh Singh, Honorary Counsel for Guyana to Saint Lucia.

I guess that many persons who follow political developments around the world and especially in the USA where the news networks really keep their viewing audiences up to date are having a political awakening as they continue to monitor the developments taking place in the politics of the United States of America. I love the folks at MSNBC as they go back in time and research their material for the daily shows. They have an exciting line up of show hosts and guests and they are right on the ball. This election is all about money whether it is campaign finances or opening up opportunities to make more money for the one percent operators in the financial sector, namely Wall Street and other super rich individuals and companies.

The upcoming 2012 presidential election is going to be a really rough ride. President Obama will need another Miracle. A few months ago people were worried about the 2012 billion dollar campaign and attributing blame to the President for introducing too much money into politics. Those persons did not imagine that Gov. Mitt Romney would have emergered as the nominee for the GOP. Now it is Gov. Romney leading the way with his super pack and those financial heavyweights who   are all dancing to his tune of reducing taxes and cutting expenses. It is interesting to note that the poor is beginning to dance to his tune as well.

The polls are not showing any real movement away from Gov. Romney. Interesting times are ahead for both parties but it is interesting to note that it is proving again and again that politics is full of surprises with a rear ability to turn foes into friends and allies. Gov. Romney’s opponents in the run up for the nomination wanted the people to forget all the negative things they said about him and look now to his virtues which were omitted during the negative campaigning. It is time that the people who matter in elections wake up to the reality that in most cases they are being taken for a ride, and stand up to politicians who willfully twist the facts to gain political milage. There was a time the world looked to the USA for everything related to leadership but I am afraid that politically our regional politicians are doing much better job.

Looking at developments in the South, I am baffled at the numerous entertainment offerings. Last Sunday there was Woulelaba Cricket, Indian Fiesta, Launching of a Southern Carnival Band and a Country and Western Dance. Families and young people are now lining up on the beaches on Sundays. Vieux is the fun place to be on weekends. The promoter of the dance is based in Castries and has found the Coastline Entertainment Centre at Pointe Sables to be the place she will be hosting many more promotions. The trend has begun to surface. Entrepreneurs with a vision for the South are encouraged to make the move fast.

Here is my motivational piece of the week:


Life is made up of a series of experiences. Each one will make you stronger, even though it may be hard for you to realize it at the time.

   Life is your classroom in which you’re being tested, tried, and passed. Always try to stay in the midst of life and activity.  Don’t isolate yourself from the action. Your character develops itself in the stream of life.

   The setbacks and hardships you endure actually help you in your march forward to success.  The world was built to develop your character.

   Life expects you to make progress in reasonable time.  That’s why those elementary school chairs are so small.

© 2012 

Remember always to Keep the Faith, God is in Charge, Dream Big and expect Daily Miracles! 

Edward Harris

Freelance Journalist, Realtor, Business & PR Consultant



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