President Bill Clinton, Warren Buffet and Donald Trump saw the writing on the wall. In times like these when uncertainty and anxiety reign as the economies of the world remain in stagnation mode, people have to learn to cooperate with each other in an effort to sustain their livelihood. Rod Cook defines MLM as the only hope for the little man. I bought into that bold statement many years ago and have held fast to the principles of this great industry.

More than ever before the Multi Level Marketing (MLM) Industry holds the future for many new entrants into the work environment, persons laid off from full time jobs, and persons seeking an additional income. Not only that the little man has found a home in the MLM industry but in recent years many professionals and business persons have seen the opportunity, joined the industry and made great strides. In many instances leaving their established vocations and accepted a lifestyle change for Financial and Time Freedom. It is a great feeling to be able to do whatever you want to do without the constraint of time or money.

MLM is an industry that does not discriminate against the little man whether in terms of ethnicity, religion, education, financial nor social status. Mankind has a right to work and to be at the top of his or her game. MLM levels the playing field giving each one an opportunity to reach the top of his career.

I have watched this industry for several decades. I have been involved in a number of companies but being located in the Caribbean, there are a few hurdles that mitigate against the level of success that could be achieved as in the developed countries. Population size, handling charges, excessive customs levies and high unemployment and low wages and salaries, all account for the limitations that an Independent Distributor will encounter. In many instances the start up enrollment fees charged were prohibitive. I never lost faith in the words of Rod Cook of MLM Watchdog. I believe in my heart his words to be true.

Over the years as the economic situation worsened and disposable incomes shrunk, Entrepreneurs in the industry arrived at the position that the market could no longer bear the high start up cost with expensive Starter Kits. We are at that point in time when the industry will explode because of a few leaders who truly believe in the principle of “people helping people” and everyone should be given an opportunity to realise their full potential in the industry. EPXBody is one such company.

To all skeptics, I say take another look and step out to join the global revolution where MLM companies are bringing to the market high quality products and services at affordable prices, backed by cutting edge technology to deliver an aggressive marketing programme.
From my base in St. Lucia, an island State in the English Speaking Caribbean, I look forward with enthusiasm to the new day that is dawning in the MLM industry where tycoons, micro, small, medium, large business owners, professionals can meet the little man across the table as players on a level playing field. Thanks to President Bill Clinton, Warren Buffet Donald Trump and many other persons held in high esteem for endorsing the Multi Level Marketing Industry (MLM) and letting the world know it is good for everyone!

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  1. Lylette Says:

    Great post Ed. This reminds me of the Finance Ministry’s representative who endorsed the industry last Thursday night at the pre launch of Global Wealth Trade here on the Island. It is said that this is the one industry that never have a recession. It is recession proof. If only many others can see the truth in this and take their dreams and goals and make them possible using the MLM industry as a vehicle. Thank you for this it is time more people give credit to the industry as it is now know that it is a model that works and works well for those who commit themselves to working their MLM business.

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