April 18, 2013


This is my fourth article in a series of six. All I can hope for is that my readers have become so curious about Multi Level Marketing that they have been doing their home work by trying to lay their hands on whatever available information there is on the industry. There is no end to the voluminous writings that can be found on the subject on the internet. There are free courses, paid courses and an abundance of training by companies within the industry. I shared with you, a few of the outstanding websites that provide updates and training. Earlier articles can be found at www.stluciasimplybeautiful.com

While Saint Lucia has not been very successful with Call Centres in spite of the efforts by NDC and Government Ministries, those persons who were fortunate to have worked in the industry have been exposed to a special skill which could be an asset if applied in the Multi Level Marketing industry. The Customer Service Representatives and Sales Representatives are well positioned due to their training to hit the ground running as International Internet Marketers, applying their skills in the Network Marketing Industry.

The leading Social Media sites with almost two billion subscribers from all over the world can provide the leverage for anyone with access to a computer or smart phone. Persons with people skills who are willing to learn the various systems that are used to promote sales in all types of industries will have a further advantage. Let us drive some nails in the coffin of a popular belief that many have bought into which has limited their scope for advancement. They believe that sales can only be done locally and their success is directly linked to the amount of sales that can be generated locally. Things have changed; we have come a long way since everyone looked forward to the postman delivering mails and telegrams. Now we have instant messaging, email, Skype, etc. – communication at the speed of light.

You can be in the sales business (my focus is on Network Marketing) without doing business with anyone you know. Your territory is the global village linked by the World Wide Web. Today, we hear a lot about RELATIONSHIP MARKETING. It is easy to make friends and establish relationships using Social Media as your platform. The top priority for the majority of persons in today’s world is the ownership of a smart phone. Many will be delighted to learn that apart from instant communication with family and friends, there is serious opportunity for gainful employment in the MLM industry. Let me hasten to inform you of some of the persons who can benefit from spending one hour per day putting their smart phones and computers to work. Anyone over the age of 18 could be gainfully involved in the industry which includes STUDENTS, single parents, unemployed persons, underemployed persons, retirees, etc.

I encourage you to begin a simple process. If you are not on Facebook as yet, get to work to establish a Facebook Time Line Profile Page at your earliest convenience. If you are already a subscriber, I congratulate you. I invite you to commit to posting valuable content from now on – postings that you can be proud of. You don’t have to post only your original thoughts; you can share those posts that you feel you should bring to the attention of your friends. Get ready for the next step because you will be introduced next week to a system that will make your experience in the MLM industry hassle free.

It is my sincere opinion that if there is ever an industry that can bring Caribbean people together, it is MLM! It is time for a Conference on MLM in St. Lucia. Welcome to the industry with a genuine level playing field. The success stories are not only limited to the well connected but from the little guys as well.
I will like to invite persons who have been involved in Multi Level Marketing and those who are currently building their businesses to share their experiences in no more than 300 words with me. I will be pleased to give credit to individuals for their contribution. MLM is good for everyone whether seeking out quality products or services and it is time those who know at first hand that it is a legitimate business – take a stand.

Keep the Faith, God is in Charge, Expect Daily Miracles.

Ed Harris Freelance Journalist, Business Consultant, Realtor, Networker Websites: www.stluciasimplybeautiful.com www.getepx.com/stlucian www.brainstorminggroup.webs.com

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