May 1, 2013

Over the past five weeks, I tried to present my best case to my readers to impress upon them that MLM is legitimate business. Too many persons without even knowing about the industry are ready to spread negative propaganda calling the companies involved pyramids, ponzi schemes or even outright scams.

What is interesting is that because of ignorance many are ready to embrace the first opportunity that comes their way. I was a victim of that approach in many instances. It wasn’t until I made a study of the industry, read several books and searched the internet that I freed myself of knowing almost nothing about the industry but investing blindly. I am sincerely grateful to the many leaders in the industry that I met on the two MLM cruises and especially my encounter with Rod Cook whose quote “MLM is the only hope of the little guy” has caught my imagination and kept my faith in the industry. If you are interested in keeping on top of the industry I invite you to check out his website at www.mlmwatchdog.com and subscribe.

MLM is not only good for the individuals but for the economy. Everyone is concerned about the unemployment situation in our country. This situation is not unique to St. Lucia but the world. European countries are currently experiencing unemployment levels as high as fifty nine percent. Everywhere, political and industry leaders are challenged to generate investments so that jobs can be created. The quality of life is dependent on being able to earn an income. You are then able to make choices, put bread on the table and pay your bills.

Let us put aside all the negatives you have heard about the industry and seek out information that is based on reality. Do a Google Search on anything you need to find out about the industry. Here are a few search ideas: 1. The top 100 MLM companies in the world. 2. The top 100 countries in the USA. 3. The oldest MLM company in the USA. Do your due diligence before investing. Decide whether you wish to play it safe and join a well established company, even one that is listed on the stock exchange or you will go for a startup company with solid management, great products and a fantastic compensation plan. I am an Entrepreneur (a risk taker) and as a result I go for high stakes. My choice favours startups.

Coming from our part of the world, from the outset you have to think global. You will need to source information about how you play the game on a global scale and the technology and marketing systems that are driving the industry. I like to follow the leaders and one of the top coaches on Social Networking is Max Steingart. He is so confident about his method that he has thrown out a lot of resources that can be accessed without cost on the internet. He is on webinars at least three times per day. Details are available www.maxsteingart.com/webinars You can also visit www.youtube.com/freeleads and listen to some of his recordings. His method works well for Realtors and Network Marketers.

In the leading economy of the world which is not China but still the USA there is a strong base of Home Based Businesses. The most financially rewarding home based business is MLM. This industry has created more millionaires than any other. The power of duplication reaps fantastic rewards for those who will apply themselves. John D. Rockefeller pointed to the virtues of duplication – He said “I would rather earn 1% off a 100 people’s efforts than 100% of my own efforts”.

There are thousands of MLM companies in the world and what is interesting, like churches, they all have followers. It is amazing what sells. Your search for a home in the MLM industry can be easy. Make a decision on whether you wish to join an established company or a startup. Then do your due diligence. Many times however persons are introduced to an opportunity by a friend or responded to an invitation to attend an opportunity meeting or a webinar. I am at the stage where most new MLM opportunities cross my desk. I am currently a Distributor for EPX BODY and invite you to take a tour at www.getepx.com/stlucian and participate in our monthly US$1,000.00 Draw.

This is your opportunity to participate in an industry that is Life Changing. It is a perfect fit for almost everyone. Whether you are unemployed, underemployed, stay at home mom, physically challenged, college student or retiree, MLM has a future for you. I am in love with the MLM industry and I am taking every step to ensure that it is mutual. Finally, we have come to the end of this series and I wish you well.


Keep the Faith, God is in Charge, Dream Big, Expect Daily Miracles.

Ed Harris
Freelance Journalist, Business Consultant, Realtor, Networker Websites: www.stluciasimplybeautiful.com www.getepx.com/stlucian www.brainstorminggroup.webs.com

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