“Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God.” – Matthew 5:8

The human resource is our most precious resource and we must develop it to the fullest. This was the theme of a guest speaker from Singapore at a launch of The Knowledge Development Institute in Barbados in 1994, some 21 years ago. The implication is that if a nation focuses on developing each one of its human resources, the collective impact will redound to the benefit of the country.

Singapore has shared with us, within the last eight years, its recipe for success: the Singapore (C.O.R.E.) Advantage – Connectivity, Openness, Reliability and Enterprise. This presentation traced the history from 1959, when Lee Kwan Yew took over, to the current millennium when Singapore was transformed from “a sleepy fishing village with a threat of communism” to the world leadership position, as a small island state, where it is today.

It is gratifying to see that the Caribbean Hotel and Tourism Association is promoting a highly stimulating and informative four-day workshop that will showcase Singapore’s model for tourism product development, hosted by The Caribbean Tourism Organization (CTO), in partnership with the Barbados Hotel and Tourism Association. This workshop takes place from July 13-16, 2015 at the Radisson Aquatica Resort Barbados.

This is very timely, especially since we are now coming out of a Barbados Budget presentation which has been widely criticized for its juggling with ways and means of collecting taxes in the short term, whereas it should be placing emphasis on aggressive innovative growth strategies which bring with them abundant tax collection opportunities in the medium term. Let us hope that this workshop will be the stimulus that the region needs to shift its vision and to take appropriate action in the wake of the Singapore success.

I note that last week, a contemporary of mine, Michael Rudder, drew attention to the term Sea-Change which was probably first used in Shakespeare’s Tempest (1611) where Ariel spoke thus: “Full fathom five thy father lies; Of his bones are coral made; Those are pearls that were his eyes. Nothing of him that doth fade; But doth suffer a sea-change; Into something rich and strange. Sea-nymphs hourly ring his knell”.

Since then Sea-Change has been used to mean “any major transformation or alteration” not necessarily induced by the action of the sea. Herein lies our solution, these words provide the inspiration for what we have to do.

Michael pointed out that “the present Leader of the Opposition in Barbados, Ms. Mia Mottley, has been proposing somewhat of a political sea-change in relation to the Governance of Barbados, for several years now and also alluded to it during the recent Budget Debate.”

He drew reference to former Prime Minister of Barbados, Owen Arthur, who seems to be proposing a root and branch sea-change in relation to the bedrock polices of former leaders Sir Grantley Adams and Errol Barrow: “…these policies have for more than six decades, undergirded the societal and educational advancement of our peoples.” Then there was the reference to the strategy of the late Lee Kuan Yew, former Prime Minister of Singapore – “educate, facilitate, legislate”.

Michael concluded that what was needed was a “seed change” where the focus is on the soul. “Once we can effect a transformation of the individual soul, everything else will fall into place.”

Last Thursday, at the Rotary Club of Central Port-of-Spain in Trinidad, we were treated to an inspiring address by Carolyn Correira, a communications consultant, motivational speaker, freelance writer and author.

In her own words: “Writing is not something I produce, it’s something that produces a change in both myself and my readers. When I’m writing, I feel energized and an infinite amount of time would pass by without me getting weary. It is my passion, my first love and my reason for being. It is my motivator and healer…it elicits a catharsis as my ‘pen’ captures what we all think about but seldom discuss. This passion has led to the publication of my first book “Thinking out Loud” and my second book “How to Find Yourself and Claim What’s Yours”.

“As a result of my gift, I was also led to a career in Corporate Communications and Motivational Speaking which emanated from my motivational book. After 10+ years in Human Resources, Corporate Communications and Freelance Journalism across various industries, including Microfinance, Trade and Industry, Hospitality and Tourism and the Media (combined with a wonderful year of soul searching and honing my talents in the tranquil, picturesque sister isle of Tobago), I decided to finally follow my entrepreneurial dream. Of course this has led me to you!

“My philosophy is simple: Do what you truly love to do. Therein you would find true fulfillment and joie de vivre as you impact lives for the better and leave your stamp on the world. This is my secret to happiness. My business motto rings true and is reflected in my work ethic: ‘Where creativity surpasses expectations.’ Please join me on my journey.”

Let God be ever active in your life and your eternal spirit will continue to be nourished by God’s love. You shall become a brand new cyclical creation. If perchance your light becomes temporarily in eclipse, by the passage of a bewildering object or experience, recharge your batteries with the power of God’s love within you and put your life back on the harmonious path to sustainable success.

As Fathers’ Day is celebrated once again, I reflected on my own father’s life. I shall always remember him repeatedly expressing the thought “Always do your best, son, how can your mother and I wish for more.” I hope you all joined the celebration!

(Dr. Basil Springer GCM is Change-Engine Consultant, Caribbean Business Enterprise Trust Inc. – CBET. His columns may be found at and

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