Dear Subscribers,

Happy New Year! Belated though it may be.

It has been a while. However, I have always longed for the day to be back in regular communication with my subscribers. I thank you for your support over the years.

During my prolonged absence, I am grateful to Mr. Bjorn Tomme for keeping the site alive. He has been caring of my efforts – writing over 400 articles over the years. This year marks 21 years of my writing experiment. It has been a journey that I am humbled by, and although I was not actively writing over the recent years, I was reminded very frequently that I needed to return to my writing. After a while I began to feel guilty and as a result today, 2nd February, 2018 I will return to my writing with immediate effect.

During the past six years while I was not actively writing in the print media for the most part, I maintained a very active presence in social media where I established www.facebook.com/edharrisbiz and www.facebook.com/ksibusiness and did a few articles for Guyana Chronicle, NY edition. So it was not all silence. I need to mention as well that I wrote a book – Winning Strategies for Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises which has been receiving rave reviews.

Going forward, I feel that from my vantage point, it is going to be a very interesting year for St. Lucia and the rest of the CARICOM region.

In the meantime, suffice it to say I AM BACK!

Stay tuned.

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