Sunday 14th June, 2020
Harris At Large on Sunday!
Program: #7
Hello Folks! Happy Sunday!
This Live Show is coming to you from Black Bay in the Quarter of Vieux Fort, in St. Lucia!
We are gathered yet another Sunday, keeping the Faith. Unfortunately, we still await answers to many questions that seek to overwhelm us. Most haunting among them is the state of the COVID 19 Pandemic to which no one knows what its true status is.
Here is my selected Quote of the week:
Marie Curie said: “Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood. Now is the time to understand more, so that we may fear less.”
House Keeping:
I am very sorry that I was unable to record my show last week. This was due to the introduction of a new system by Facebook. However, the notes of the weekly programme was posted on my archive at www.stluciasimplybeautiful.com
The State of the Pandemic in Saint Lucia:
Saint Lucia – Simply Beautiful and Blessed, remains COVID 19 FREE!
We had 48 COVID 19 cases returned negative this past week. That is good news. God is truly blessing us and we should all be grateful. When we look around us, there is so much we should be thankful for. We are truly blessed. Let us always remember to be thankful.
Current Status of the COVID 19 in the USA:
The world continues to be in a state of uncertainty and anxiety. In the USA, the COVID 19 pandemic continues to be joined by protests brought about by George Floyd’s deliberate murder by the police in Minneapolis. Now we hear about another police killing of a 27-year-old black man in Atlanta. Sympathy for these dastardly acts are continuing around the world, and with this latest killing, it will only add fuel to the fire. We are truly experiencing the curse of racism where white lawmakers turn a blind eye. Police are commended for brutality to citizens, rather than serving and protecting, they are beating and killing citizens without any human consideration.
The situation, highlighted by protesters is rife to create a surge of the Coronavirus. Social distancing has been thrown through the window and citizens in the States of Texas and Florida are beginning to pay the price. We are about to lose all the gains that have been made prior to the opening up of businesses, and the protest marches to end police brutality. President Trump is not giving leadership at this time, he is hoping to fill a stadium with thousands of people for his convention. With the threat of a new wave, this may not be a reality. God always has the last word.
Our families are being dislocated with this pandemic, especially when it comes to mourning our dead. We are now relying on ZOOM to participate in funerals.
There is need for a regional communication network dedicated to bringing our citizens at home and abroad current updates on developments across the region.
Summer starts next Saturday and this year will not be the usual vacation time with family and friends coming home. Hope we can get back to normalcy for the Christmas holidays, when we will once again be afforded the opportunity to kiss and hug our loved ones.
Politics in the Region:
Suriname like Guyana is yet to install a new government but the incumbent in Suriname still has time to negotiate an additional 10 seats to give him the majority in a 51 seat assembly. It is happening in Israel, it can happen in Suriname.
Finally, the Guyanese people should know the state of affairs in relation to the swearing-in of a Government by Wednesday of this week as the four-stage process ends. Justice Singh holds the key and the world is watching. Guyana needs our prayers. Let us pray for an outcome that will be acceptable to the majority of Guyanese.
Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves is the new Chairman for CARICOM and he has already made his expectations known about the declaration of a winner at the polls of March 2, 2020.
Saint Lucia:
The Government of Saint Lucia has reduced the hours of Curfew from 9.00 pm to 5.00 am. Effective 15th June, the new period will be from midnight to 5.00 am.
St. Lucia had its say yesterday on the BLACK LIVES MATTER campaign taking place around the world to bring about change in the way Blacks are treated by the police in the USA.
Today, there is supposed to be a Drive around the island in protest against the UWP Government.
Substantial job cuts have been announced during the past week by large companies but layoffs are also currently happening in the SME sector. Those companies that will survive, both large and small will in many cases trim their staff and expenses, hoping to do more with less.
The citizens of the world are becoming restless. However, this too shall pass, although we know not when.
What are you doing to take care of yourself and family?
Let us continue to pray for and with each other, and may you have a week filled with Miracles! Remember always – To keep the Faith, and recognise that God is in charge!
I look forward to hearing from you.
See you next week – Stay Safe!

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