Sunday 28th June, 2020
Harris At Large on Sunday!
Program: #9
Hello Folks!
This Facebook Live Show is coming to you from Black Bay, in the Quarter of Vieux Fort, Saint Lucia with your host Edward Harris.
Here is my selected Quote for today:
We are not living in fear. We are living in Faith.
Quote by Family Care Giver
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The State of the Pandemic in Saint Lucia:
Saint Lucia – Simply Beautiful and Blessed, remains COVID 19 FREE!
As I interact with persons in recent days, most persons seem to approach the present pandemic with a laisser-faire attitude. It is necessary for us to be more vigilant at this time as we seek to gain a position as a tourist destination of choice in the Caribbean.
Let us adhere to the protocols of washing hands, wearing masks and maintaining social distancing.
Current Status of the COVID 19 the USA:
Can anyone give an explanation for the mixed signals coming from the Government and the Medical Professionals in the USA? The opening up of businesses prematurely in red states is now fuelling a new wave of the Coronavirus. Legislators in some states are calling for a return to lockdown. It is clear that between the President and Vice President of the USA, the lives of the citizens take second place to the economy, and actions related to winning a second term, even to the point of withdrawing the Affordable Care Act.
The stock market showed some indication that it was in a mood to increase in value in the past two weeks but ended the past week in decline.
The world continues to be in a state of uncertainty and anxiety. In the USA, all sectors of the economy are reaching out to President Trump for leadership, not mixed signals.
The latest development is the possible ban on Americans entering Europe, especially in the light of new developments with at least 36 States experiencing an increase in cases of Coronavirus.
Black Lives Matter
The struggle continues, although some advancements have been made at the state level, with the legislative level lagging behind. The House of Representatives has passed sweeping legislation, however, this will fail to pass at the Senate level.
It is clear that a meaningful bill to deal with the issues of Policing and Racial Injustices will not pass the Senate. This places a great responsibility on the Democrats to gain a majority in the House and Senate. Mr. Mitch McConnell cannot be allowed to prevent meaningful legislation from being approved in the Senate.
To date, no right-minded American can deny the call for change. Change must come and will come. The efforts of those who protested in the streets for weeks must not go in vain. The Black Lives Matter movement has taken its case to the world. No movement has had so many gains in promoting an agenda to bring an end to police brutality and racial injustices in the USA.
I am encouraged by the continued rejection and adjustments being made by leaders in the private sector. Withdrawal of advertising, recognition of black employees’ contributions are just a few. I am also pleased to note the stance taken by many Black celebrities and entrepreneurs. Recently, Lebron James was given US$100Million to build a Black Media Empire. I can only imagine that Black Struggles will be the main feature in their production. Some amazing things have happened since George Floyd and greater things are yet to happen as the new 2021 USA administration emerges.
Politics in Guyana:
While regional and international organisations, and Governments are calling on Guyana’s to conclude the March 2, 2020 elections, the matter is back in the courts, this time the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) where everyone hopes will be the final leg of a long journey to bring a conclusion to the matter of installing a President and a new parliament. The majority of stakeholders are tired of waiting and need an urgent resolution of the matter as it relates to the elections.
A dialogue on how we move forward in relation to Electoral Reform must commence now. It is long overdue. Since the PPP win of 1992, President Cheddi Jagan promised to revisit the constitution, with the same promise by all successive Governments, including the last APNU/AFC Government have failed to take any action in this regard.
While many are calling for Guyanese to go back to the polls, it will make no sense to hold any future elections under the same instruments as currently executed by GECOM. We cannot continue to do the same thing over and over again, expecting a different result. It is time that Guyanese wake up to the reality that there must be Electoral Reform in Guyana which must be the first order of business for any new administration.
When next week we meet, I look forward to be bringing you news that Guyana has a president with a Cabinet ready to go to work for the people.
What’s happening in Saint Lucia!
As we approach year five of the UWP administration, there are signs everywhere that in spite of the challenges currently facing the nation, elections are in the air. Until the bell is rung, only then the race will be called. The budget is currently being debated in the House and soon available funds will be advanced to undertake the several programmes that are either unfinished or yet to start. Most importantly, we need to arrest the serious unemployment situation that is upon us.
We anxiously await the new protocols that will allow us to open up the airports and welcome visitors once again.
News about the possible liquidation of LIAT is not good for the OECS at this time. Immediate steps must be taken to fill the void, especially when there is a need for recommencement of regional and international flights.
I have a suggestion – that we open up the OECS to inter-regional travel while building confidence to deal with the international travel market.
The situation will be much clearer on many fronts in the next feel days.
As we look around the world and take a note of the role of certain political leaders and the state we find ourselves between economic and social issues that are crying out for solutions. Those of us who are alive today could have never imagined a world like what we live in today. The citizens are anxious and restless. There is no answer in sight.
Let us continue to pray for and with each other, and may you have a week filled with Miracles!
Remember always – To keep the Faith, and recognise that God is in charge!
I look forward to hearing from you.
See you next week – Stay Safe!

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