Harris At Large on Sunday! Program: #15

Sunday 9nd August, 2020
Harris At Large on Sunday! Program: #15
Hello Folks!
Happy Sunday! This Facebook Live Show is coming to you from Black Bay, in the Quarter of Vieux Fort, Saint Lucia. Your Host is Edward Harris.
Here is my selected Quote for today:
“If you plan to build walls around me, know this—I will walk through them.”
― Richelle E. Goodrich,
House keeping
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Saint Lucia today:
Things have been quiet during the past week. Saint Lucia remains COVID 19 Death Free. The airlines are making their schedule flights and everything seems to be going fine with the limited opening up of the tourism sector.
Workers for the most part in the private sector are going about their business; however, job losses continue to be of concern as companies continue to close, and downsize. With reduced revenue, businesses are under pressure to survive. In the meantime, there has been activity in the construction sector.
With just months away from elections, 2021, there will be improved activity in all sectors providing that COVID 19 gives us a break. Everything in relation to the economic progress of the nation depends heavily on the pandemic. Let us continue to grateful to our heavenly Father for his blessings as St. Lucia Simply Beautiful and Blessed remains Death Free!
Politics in the Region and the United States of America:
Last week, I took the decision to go mute on politics until there is a breakthrough regarding the results of the elections that were held in Guyana on March 2, 2020. That very afternoon, Sunday 2nd August 2020, five months later, President Mohamed Irfaan Ali was sworn in and the PPP/Civic invited to form the Government.
It was a long and winding road for the people of Guyana both at home and in the Diaspora. It was court matter, after court matter, when the people were led to believe it was the end, in many instances, it was the beginning. In the end, the people of Guyana must be complimented for their patience, and like in all things the end must come.
After such a protracted period of campaigning to form the government, the fall out must leave bruises but it now up to the people of Guyana whether on the side of the new Government or on the side of the opposition to get to work, ensuring that there will be betterment for all Guyanese. The President has stated at his inauguration that – he is a President for all the people. It is about time that the nation rallies around his message of unity and optimism.
President Ali is supported by a Cabinet of Youth and Experience. It is expected that the parliamentary representation of both sides will reflect a similar trend. There is a role for the Government and a role for the opposition to serve the people. ADVOCACY is the operative word on the part of the latter. I invite you to join me in wishing all the people of Guyana well.
Elections in Trinidad & Tobago:
Within the next 24 hours, voting will commence in Trinidad & Tobago. Unlike Guyana, there will be no International Observers. It is claimed that this is as a result of the COVID 19 pandemic.
There are two major parties, namely the People’s National Movement (PNM) with predominantly Blacks and the United National Congress (UNC) being predominantly East Indians. There are a few other parties with the Congress of the People (COP) being the most established.
It is my understanding the many of the constituencies are too close to call. The speculations and the forecasts of the political pundits will soon be over. I am certain that no one will want to rival Guyana’s Guinness World Record where it took five months to declare their election results.
Let us wish the people of Trinidad and Tobago, peaceful elections 2020.
Politics in the U.S.A.
The battle continues between the Democrats and the Republicans to find a solution to helping the workers of the nation, and providing support for important programmes that has to do with the funding for the voting infrastructure and health care.
In the meantime, President Trump in his usual sensational style has gone ahead and presented executive orders to deal with some of the matters that are unresolved by the legislative branch, leaving out funds for voting and health care. However, the question is – does he have the authority to do so?
The polls continue to show a clear path for a VP Biden and the Democratic Party victory in the upcoming polls. The VP pick is still not clear as most of the women in contention for the post are very strong, with great experiences. However, the VP is very likely to be announced before the end of this week.
This election will be like no other, COVID 19 has not been kind to the Donald.
Staying Alive Financially:
No matter what happens in the world of politics, for most of us life will continue to be a struggle to cope with the financial challenges of providing ourselves and families with the necessities of life.
This week, I am recommending a book to my audience titled Side Hustle Bible by James Altucher where he listed 177 ideas to start a Home Based business and make a side income. My objective is to get you to do something to improve your lot financially.
I am fully convinced that the Caribbean has been MLM fatigued and only a few persons can boast of any real success in the industry. Then there is the clear issue of Pyramid and Ponzi schemes, and the claim that the people at the top make all the money. The same can be said of all the Fortune 500 Executives. Every institution has a hierarchy, where a structure exists and that is a pyramid. There is another issue which keeps coming up concerning the size of our market. Do not miss this fact that there are many global companies in the MLM business, and you are at liberty to establish relationships with people all over the world. I end by saying it is time, we build a better mouse trap. We have followed the business models of several businesses and continue to ignore MLM business opportunity while allowing our people to be exploited by unscrupulous individuals. Ownership role awaits us.
Special Invitation:
I invite you on behalf of Believe Nation to register for the Free 10 Day Challenge to be launched tomorrow, 10/8/20. Go to https://believenation.prupel.com/register/?ref=2033 join the Nation and register for the Challenge.
Keep the faith, Yahweh is in charge, keep on praying and expect daily Miracles!
Stay safe, until next week.
Your host – Ed Harris

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