Harris At Large on Sunday! Program: #22

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Sunday 4th October, 2020
Harris At Large on Sunday! Program: #22

Hi Folks! Happy Sunday! This Facebook Live Show is coming to you live from my home in Black Bay, Vieux Fort, Saint Lucia. I am your Host – Edward Harris.
Here is my selected Quote for the week:
The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new. Socrates

As usual, the notes of my weekly programme will be posted on my archive at www.stluciasimplybeautiful.com While visiting you can catch up on over 400 of my articles archived on the site.
My Thought for the week:
Never try to make a fool of another person, always try to recognise the best in him or her.

Anniversary Wishes:
To all those who are celebrating an anniversary or anniversaries this week, I wish you and your loved ones, Happiness with lots of Blessings!

Saint Lucia Today: St. Lucia Simply Beautiful and Blessed!
On September 30, the State of Emergency ended and the Government attempted to replace it with the COVID 19 Prevention and Control Bill which triggered a controversy about how the matter was handled, especially the claim that the matter was not discussed with the various organisations. However, the bill was subsequently passed.
Political activism seems to be alive and well in St. Lucia, and the people of this blessed nation seem bent on ensuring it stays that way. Later today, the streets of Castries will be traversed by persons from all walks of life in the protest march.
The protocols for COVID 19 are working for us. In the meantime, remember to wash your hands, wear mask and maintain social distancing. St. Lucia continues to be COVID 19 Death Free! Thank God!

Politics in other CARICOM States
Squatting on land on the East Coast of Demerara has caused serious disruption to the Sugar Industry with damages to experimental crops. Children and adults were removed by the police. What is the reason for this development? What has changed?
COVID 19 cases continue to rise in Guyana. It is necessary to do all things possible to bring this deadly virus under control. Air travel will begin to ease up in this last quarter of 2020; already a local airline company is flying to Barbados three times per week from Ogle and American will be returning with regular flights into Guyana on the 4th November, 2020 using the Chedie Jagan International Airport.
Every effort must be made to bring back some degree of normalcy to the country. In this regard, the State of Emergency has been revisited and the new hours are 9.00 pm to 4.00 am.

Politics in the U.S.A
The October Surprise landed early with President Trump and the first lady being tested positive for the COVID 19 virus. It is very likely that there are others to come. Now that the President Trump is being visited by the deadly killer COVID 19 which has registered deaths of approx 210,000 persons, unless it deals with him like Boris Johnson, he will brush it off as a simple flu.
The Presidential Debate last Tuesday was a train wreck. However, VP Biden showed maturity and managed himself well in the circumstances where people are asking whether there should be any other debate? The 73 million viewers were not taken seriously by President Trump and they can only see Mr. President losing the battle in the end. His scare tactics will not work. People of colour are more resolute now that any time in the past to bring out the Vote.
We will see how President Trump manages his campaign from his quarantine quarters. There will be a definite handicap in his ability to reach out to his supporters for the next eleven days of the remaining 30 to election as of today.
Let us pray that all things work together for good, as we have already begun to see the hands of God in action.

Staying Alive Financially:
The question of the day is – what can be done to bring in an extra income? This is the question on everybody’s mind. There are enough vendors, boutiques, barbershops, hair salons, bakeries, small shops, bars, restaurants, and Bar B Que grills around the place. The market is saturated. It is because of this situation that scammers are prospering with ideas like CYCLING, Ponzi and Pyramid schemes, working from Home schemes, etc. They are also making a run at it, scams are all around us. If someone is going to employ you and you have to pay them first before you earn a cent, then something is wrong. It is the same with Finance companies where you are asked to make a deposit or pay Consultancy fees before drawing down on the total amount to be borrowed. If someone is sourcing money on your behalf, it is only fair that the Commission, Consultancy Fee or whatever charges to be paid should be deducted from the sum to be borrowed.
I can see is a real opportunity for the cooperative movement to expand. This was the vehicle that the late President Forbes Burnham identified for the transformation of Guyana, whereby the people were challenged to house, feed and clothe themselves. It is time for us to get back to basics. There are activities that are occurring such as sea moss farming, beekeeping, specialised farming that are quietly working through the system. Are there investment opportunities in such businesses for the little man? Yes there are opportunities. There are also niches in the retail sector that the little small can compete successfully.
These are challenging times. Times, when we can only plan for 1 day at a time, not knowing what tomorrow will bring. It has been a long time since Annual Budgets had to be updated several times a year. Five year Plan is dead. Can anyone say when the pandemic will end?
This is the age for Dreamers, keep your dreams utmost in your minds and be ready to apply them whenever the time is right. Stay focused on your dreams.

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Let us continue to pray that God will put a hand in the affairs of his people everywhere.
Keep the faith, Yahweh is in charge, keep on praying and expect daily Miracles!
Stay safe, until next week.
Your host – Ed Harris – Bye!

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