Harris At Large on Sunday! Program: #24

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Sunday 18th October, 2020
Harris At Large on Sunday! Program: #24
Hi Folks! Happy Sunday! This Facebook Live Show is coming to you from my home in Black Bay, Vieux Fort, Saint Lucia. I am your Host – Edward Harris.
If there is ever a time for prayer, it is now! Eternal and most gracious Saviour, we thy humble children the world over, approach you, seeking your forgiveness for past sins and pray that you will place your banner over us and break all spiritual bondage that overshadows us. Show us your way, and let your will be done in our lives. Amen!
Here is my selected Quote for the week:
I like thinking big. If you’re going to be thinking anything, you might as well think big. Donald Trump
I cannot over emphasise the fact that I post the notes of my programmes at www.stluciasimplybeautiful.com and I encourage you to visit this site and get the whole story, along with links t recommended sites. While visiting, you can catch up on over 400 of my articles archived on the site. We are working aggressively to launch the series of E-books, each detailing 100 articles by me. I am thrilled as I go over the headlines. It is amazing, how things were, how they are today, and what they are likely to be in the future.
My Thought for the week:
“We are placed in this world, not to disrupt the peace, but rather to love one another.”
Anniversary Wishes:
To all those who are celebrating an anniversary or anniversaries this week, I wish you and your loved ones, Happiness with lots of Blessings!
Around Saint Lucia Today:
St. Lucia Simply Beautiful and Blessed!
There was a wakeup call last week when 4 new cases of COVID 19 were added. The amount of cases now stands at 33. Thank God that St. Lucia continues to be COVID 19 Death Free! Schools will be closed for 1 week while the situation is being further assessed. No crowd above 100 persons, no use of loudspeakers, etc. I am convinced that the swift attention given the situation, there will be substantial controls put into action to ensure that the protocols for COVID 19 continue to work for us. In the meantime, remember to wash your hands, wear mask, and maintain social distancing.
Developments in other CARICOM States:
Those who need to get to Guyana, there is finally a window. Guyana is doing its best to open up air travel. It is very easy to visit Guyana if travellers follow the simple instructions, Take the COVID 19 test and travel to Guyana within 3 days/72 hours. If you travel after 72 hours but no later than 7 days you will be tested upon arrival in Guyana. This seems very simple.
Developments in the USA
President Trump continues to make light of the COVID 19 pandemic, that it is going away and things will soon be back to normal. The opposite is true.
We saw President Trump failing yet another time to make a point against VP Joe Biden when he opted for a Town Hall meeting instead of doing a virtual Debate. The two Town Halls viewership showed VP Biden with almost a million viewers more than President Trump.
VP Biden continues to raise substantive issues while President Trump says nothing except making statements that have no relevance to the concerns of the people. The people want to hear about his plans for a new Health care system, COVID 19 relief, Racial Justice, why the haste for the appointment of a new Judge to the Supreme Court, will he accept the election results and hand over the office peacefully? President Trump is no match for Vice President Biden who has acted presidential throughout the campaign to date.
The next 16 days are anxiously awaited for that decisive vote count. Everything is moving smoothly along with victory very much in sight for the Democrats. While President Trump is bent on bringing to the fore the possibility of voter fraud, there is no evidence to substantiate his claims.
Thank God it wouldn’t be long before the results of the elections will be known to all the peoples of the world.
Staying Alive Financially:
As the pandemic deepens, people will become more desperate and lose their sense of reasoning, subscribing to all types of outright scams. The perpetrators of such frauds are well aware of the financial, social and emotional implications of the moment and that money is the only answer.
I have put together a few Facebook Pages which will assist persons in identifying illegitimate schemes*.
There are a few developments in the area of Entrepreneurship with the launch of Boost Incubator Programme by Invest St. Lucia. You can source information on the programme at www.startupspace.app Then there is money to assist MSME from CDB and other International Agencies. The SLDB is responsible for on lending.
Put on your creative cap and find a way to a brand new, financially independent life in the midst of this pandemic.
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Let us continue to pray that God will put a hand in the affairs of his people everywhere.
Keep the faith, Yahweh is in charge, keep on praying and expect daily Miracles!
Stay safe, until next week.
Your host – Ed Harris – Bye!

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