Harris At Large on Sunday! Program: #29

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Sunday 22nd November, 2020
Harris At Large on Sunday! Program: #29
Hi Folks! Happy Sunday! This Facebook Live is coming to you from Black Bay, Vieux Fort, Saint Lucia. I am your Host – Edward Harris.
We pray to our Creator Yahweh who is always ready to protect and bless us in every situation. We are happy and grateful now that in spite of all the tribulations of this life that we can still stand firm on the promises of our heavenly Father. Thank you, Father Yahweh. Amen.
Here is my selected Quote for the week:
“When I was a boy I was told that anybody could become President; I’m beginning to believe it.” – Clarence Darrow
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My Thought for the week:
In my youth, I thought of becoming a responsible adult, serving my family and my community, today in my closing years, I continue to strive to maintain these virtues.
Anniversary Wishes:
To all those who are celebrating an anniversary or anniversaries this week, I wish you and your loved ones, Happiness with lots of Blessings!
COVID 19 Update:
The COVID 19 statistics in the USA is staggering. The USA is the #1 hotspot in the world. COVID 19 kills. It is no joking matter. Over 255K persons are dead, with over 12M tested positive with the virus in the USA alone. It is very likely that there will be a few hundred thousand more deaths before we get a handle on this pandemic. Thank Yahweh two vaccines have been tested and should go into production shortly with the possibility of being introduced to the public before the end of the year.
President Trump’s hesitation in the transition of power to President-elect – Joe Biden is not helping the situation, and is very likely to further delay the effective implementation of the much-needed distribution of the vaccines.
In the meantime, COVID 19 cases are rising in our beloved St. Lucia. We now have more than 200 reported cases, with 2 deaths. There are substantial increases in cases in the other CARICOM Members States. The challenge for many governments is whether or not there should be a second lockdown. This has to be the last resort; the economies of most of these countries are already stretched. Any further lockdown will have to be a well thought out decision.
Stringent measures must be applied in dealing with the COVID 19 pandemic. Limited curfew, monitoring of the wearing of masks in all public places and spaces, and the washing of hands must be aggressively practiced. I will even suggest public areas for the washing of hands. In relation to social distancing, this is extremely difficult when commuters are taken into consideration. It is for this reason why persons must desist from leaving their homes for casual excursions and only venture out in cases of necessity.
Political Update in the U.S.A.:
President Trump is yet to concede and congratulate President-elect Joe Biden for his victory at the polls. Georgia with the lowest margin was declared in favour of President-Elect, Joe Biden. However, President Trump’s lead Attorney – Rudy Giuliani continues to press on that President Trump was cheated and that the real winner of the elections on November 3, 2020 was him. Time is a great healer and everyone is aware that truth will prevail, and as of January 20, 2021, the USA will have a new President in the person of Joe Biden.
The silence of the Republicans is deafening. How can a group of highly learned individuals surrender themselves to the disruption and lies of President Trump? Can President Trump be greater than the majority of leaders in the party, who have stood with the party, in some cases for decades? What has given President Trump such dominance over the membership of the Republican Party? It is very clear that President Trump has no interest in leaving without a battle that has already begun. It is not over yet. Let us watch every move he makes going forward. Rest assured Yahweh will put a hand.
In the meantime, President-Elect Joe Biden is busy with his transition team making appointments and getting ready to assume office on January 20, 2021. It is not going to be easy. However, one thing is certain – President Biden will treat professionals as they are supposed to be treated and no one will be afraid to do the right thing, especially when acting within the law. Can you begin to imagine – what a Nation, the United States of America will be under a Joe Biden administration? America will be America Again and the world will be better off for it!
The respect shown to President-Elect – Joe Biden in foreign countries and especially in Ireland – the land of his fore-parents is worthy of note. Then there is his Vice President-Elect, Kamala Harris who has made people of colour proud. The people of India refuse to go unnoticed, paying tribute to her. Are you ready for the inauguration of Yahweh’s chosen? Yahweh in his own time has redeemed his people. Yahweh has spoken. It is done. Any outcome to the contrary will be disastrous for the world.
Staying Alive Financially:
Finally, the St. Lucia Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture has come to the assistance of the business community with a Programme – Recover St. Lucia to offer advice and assistance where possible to cope with the effects of the COVID 19 pandemic on local businesses. It is interesting to note that the Prime Minister and Opposition Leader have signed on to the memorandum of understanding. This is a little late but commendable. It will all boil down to FINANCE – MONEY! I am hopeful that some new ideas will emerge to point MSMEs to a real recovery even if it means adapting new skills and enterprise models. It cannot be the usual business models, the same old cannot work. This is the era of innovation and change. There used to be talk about thinking outside the box, this is a time to think outside of the box. The outcome of the programme will be closely observed. We need to put our people back to work.
It is not what other people can do for you. In these times, it all boils down to what you can do for yourself. Let us revisit some old sayings – Readers are Leaders, and Knowledge is Power. Our Facebook CHALLENGE to read the book entitled Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill is very timely. I encourage you to visit www.facebook.com/ksibusiness join the group and get your Free Copy of the e-book.
We must continue to pray. Keep the Faith, remembering always that Yahweh is in charge. Greater things are about to happen.
See you next week, same time, same place.

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