Harris At Large on Sunday! Program: #32

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Sunday 13th December, 2020
Harris At Large on Sunday! Program: #32
Hello! Hello! Hello! Hi Folks! Top of the day to you! Happy Sunday! This Facebook Live is coming to you from Black Bay, Vieux Fort, Saint Lucia. I am your Host – Edward Harris.
Almighty and most gracious Father Yahweh, we, thy humble children adore you and give you thanks for all the wonderful things you have done in our lives. We pray for peace and goodwill among your people everywhere. Amen.
Today, Vaccines are now on their way to various destinations in the USA. Shipments to other destinations around the world are continuing.
Here is my selected Quote for the week:
“The good life is a process, not a state of being. It is a direction, not a destination. ”
Carl Rogers
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My Thought for the week:
The will of our Creator supercedes the will of mankind in everything he ordains.
Anniversary Wishes:
To all those who are celebrating an anniversary or anniversaries this week, I wish you and your loved ones, Happiness with lots of Blessings!
On my own behalf, I celebrate yet another milestone tomorrow for which I am eternally grateful to Yahweh. I am heading out immediately after this show to start my celebration at noon today. It is a blessing to have friends who care.
COVID 19 Update:
The COVID 19 Pandemic is raging; during the past week, we have seen new highs of above 3,000 deaths per day in successive days. The experts were correct when they predicted that there will be a surge after Thanksgiving which is further aggravated by the rallies pre and post elections at the request of the Super Spreader, President Trump who seems to be pleased with the results. Not once has he called on his supporters to wear masks. Against all that is happening, President Trump is without any remorse for inflicting pain and suffering on the people of the United States. Unfortunately, the pandemic affects all the people, not only his supporters but everyone who is exposed to the virus. It doesn’t have to be this way.
The Pfizer Vaccine is currently being distributed and given to patients in the UK. The USA has this past week approved the vaccine, and it is hoped that the vaccine will be put into use for the front line workers, and patients in nursing homes who will be first to receive the vaccine. Other vaccines are due to be released shortly. In the meantime, China has also released a vaccine. Everyone is rushing to the market. This development is for another show.
I like the way the Biden administration is moving along with the initial nomination for posts that reflects the various races and colour of the population of America. People of colour are visible.
St. Lucia’s COVID 19 cases stand at 274 with 4 deaths. The members of the medical team are doing their best, and we are moving along with Yahweh’s grace. St. Lucia remains Beautiful & Blessed. Let us continue to pray and adhere to the protocols. While there has been some flexibility in the application of certain restrictions, let us guard the liberty we have been granted for the holiday season with great care. The Bars and Restaurants will be back in operation this week with indoor dining and bar service up to 11.00 pm. I am happy to note the easing up of restrictions but very mindful of the responsibility to ensure that we are each other’s keeper.
Charley Pride, country music’s first Black superstar with hits including “Kiss An Angel Good Mornin'” and “Is Anybody Goin’ to San Antone,” died Saturday at 86 of complications related to Covid-19, his representatives said in a statement.
Around the CARICOM States:
Guyana is moving at a great pace with the eyes of entrepreneurs from around the world zooming in on the investment possibilities that are available in Guyana. Foreign Direct Investment is pouring in and is supported by an aggressive push by the new Board of the Guyana Office for Investment – Go-Invest.
It is time for the St. Lucia Private Sector to plan a Trade Mission to Guyana during the first quarter of 2021. We cannot afford to standby and allow our counterparts both regional and international to take advantage of the opportunities, leaving us behind. I am confident that Mr. Lokesh Singh, Honorary Consul for Guyana to St. Lucia will facilitate such an initiative as he has done in the past.
The news around the Caribbean is much about the COVID 19 pandemic. Governments are in the market for vaccines, and support for various projects to assist their citizens during these difficult times.
Political Update in the U.S.A.:
President-Elect – Joe Biden is forging ahead with his administration while President Trump is busy trying to overturn the election results to give him the victory over the Democrats. But not anymore, the U.S. Supreme Court which is the final stop ruled on Friday, and said it would not consider a lawsuit filed by Texas that sought to overturn Joe Biden’s election victory in four battleground states. President Donald Trump and his supporters saw the suit as their best hope for derailing the elections.
Now that President Trump’s gamble on the Supreme Court has utterly failed, maybe it is time for him to settle down to a peaceful transition of government to the Joe Biden Administration. The legal battles are finished but I don’t think it is over yet. However, no matter what he does there will be a new President in the White House come January 20, 2021. What a relief it will be to the people of the USA who believe in DEMOCRACY. They shall be FREE AT LAST!!!
Let us for a moment turn our eyes to the two Senate seats in Georgia. Early voting has begun. Let us support our family and friends in Georgia and encourage them to get out the vote and be resolute about claiming the two seats for the Democrats. Yahweh has delivered the elections of November 3, for Joe Biden and the peace-loving people of America, with our prayers, he will intervene once more and deliver the Senate to the Democrats. It is imperative that the Democrats control the Senate if there is going to be any major legislative gains. President of the Senate – Mitch Mc Connell must be stopped. No one can stop Yahweh’s will. His will be done. With 38 days to go before Inauguration, the peoples of the world will be watching.
Finding a way out of our financial dilemma:
Bill Gates’ prediction was right on target with the release of the Pfizer Vaccine being ready by November/December 2020. Now he is predicting that 50% of business travel and 30% of office life will disappear in the post-COVID-19 era. Are you ready for changes in the field of work that will take place? Are your skills up to the mark? Can you find a side hustle in this changing business/employment environment?
Make your first step on your journey to a successful life by praying and reading the life-changing book – Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. Visit my page at www.facebook.com/ksibusiness for a FREE COPY. You will be glad you did.
We are confident that with the help of Yahweh, we will build back better! In the meantime, let us continue to keep the faith, knowing that Yahweh is in charge and everything will be alright.
Until next week, same time, same place. This is Ed Harris signing off.

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