April 29, 2021


“In the times of uncertainties, it is best to focus on ‘what we can control’ and just drop ‘what we can’t control.” ― Abhishek Ratna

There was a time in this generation when there was joy in living, everything was beautiful. Even when there were downturns in the economies of developed nations, and epidemics, there was confidence that things will bounce back and life will return to normalcy. Today, we are caught in a situation where no one can predict with any certainty what will happen next, especially as it relates to the COVID 19 pandemic. These are truly times of anxiety and uncertainty.

As a young sales executive, I was expected to produce an annual sales budget, making projections for the ensuing year. In those days, it was even possible to produce a five-year sales budget. We could have projected a steady growth path in most cases. The luxury of this type of projection for several years now has not been possible. There have been too many surprises that demanded adjustments to budgets, sometimes a couple of times in a year. It is almost impossible to chart a course of action for any year, not only in business but in all aspects of life. In times past, it was very easy to predict future developments. Today, it is not so, even though there are many more persons trying to predict what will happen in the future, it is extremely difficult for anyone to take a definitive position.

Over the years, the saying Health is Wealth has been universally accepted but the impact of those three words has never been more applicable than today. There has never been such level of financial assistance given to the people of the United States of America as extended under the Biden administration. Thank God that President Joe Biden is a president who feels the pain of the people and delivered on his promise that Help is on the way.

What happens next is definitely not in the hands of mankind. These are times when it is very likely that the greatest conversion of un-believers into believers will occur when many people will accept that there is a higher power. The world is in turmoil. There is uncertainty at every level of our existence. A divine move is afoot to humble mankind so that they will come to the realisation that there is a higher being, and that the people of the world will be called into account for their actions, either in life or in death.

The challenge that is laid before the leaders of this world is for them to humble themselves and do what is right. The leaders, and by extension the people they govern must with one accord make a commitment to live righteous lives in peace and love. There are too many hidden agendas. When there is righteousness, nothing needs to be hidden from the people. Good governance is established in the laws of every nation, and good governance will always produce a blessed and happy nation.

It is easy to offer solutions, and many times good solutions get lost in the noise. There is another saying – the Voice of the People is the Voice of God. The leaders of this tumultuous world need to listen to the people. In the USA, polling is done for everything. President Biden’s approval rating is at 53% (NBC News) and is as high as 58%   (CBS News/YouGov). After his first address to the joint congress on 28/04/21, he is expected to get a further bounce in his popularity. Working-class Americans love Joe Biden. He is a president for the times. His actions are guided by EMPATHY. A person is never too old to do what is right. All indicators are showing that President Joe Biden is forging ahead with a plan that sets the stage for a humane and prosperous future for the people of the United State of America, and by extension the rest of the world. It is not going to be easy, but it is doable. With the acknowledgment that there is a higher being – all things are possible.

We have every reason to keep the faith, knowing that God is in charge, and all things will work together for good to those who believe and trust in him. Greater things are about to be bestowed upon the citizens of this world.

Stay safe!

Edward Harris

Freelance Journalist/Realtor/Business Consultant




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